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Family Violence: A Problem Further Explained

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Family violence is a crime that unfortunately plagues many families, partners, and households nationwide. Family violence can range from arguing, to physical altercations, and at times, death. While the name implies only family members can perpetrate this type of violence, boyfriends/girlfriends can carry it out, as well as a household roommate. In order to understand family violence to a greater degree, criminal justice agencies and officers alike, must understand the role both parties play. In addition, criminal justice personnel must understand the different types of violence involved, as well as the victimization it can cause, not only at the hands of the offender, but also by the criminal justice system itself. By embracing a greater understanding of family violence offenses as a whole, as well as understanding the different mind-sets of victims and offenders alike, law enforcement officials and criminal justice personnel will be able to protect those who fall victim to it, and provide help to those who are offenders of family violence.
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Family Violence: A Problem Further Explained
Throughout history, the criminal justice system has formed various different opinions in regards to domestic violence. These range from protecting women, to believing they are strong enough to take care of themselves, and then finally back to protecting victims of domestic violence. These ideologies help convey various differences in public opinions towards domestic violence, and how much blame should be placed on the victims themselves. Through proper research in this area, many criminal justice agencies and lawmakers can develop and implement various policies and laws, which will aim not only to protect the victims, but also to lower re-victimization levels, as well as providing adequate education, punishment, and counselling for those who are the perpetrators of this nasty crime.
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The question many ask of victims of domestic violence is why they stay in abusive relationships (Nitu, 2012). Leaving an abusive relationship is, most of the times, easier said than done. As Nitu (2012) notes, many women who are in abusive relationships have a true fear of further violence if they leave, attempt to leave, or seek help in dealing with an abusive relationship. These fears transcend their fears for their own personal safety and move onto their fears of abuse to their children, if any are present. As a society, we have the right to ask that question. As of 2003, domestic violence was costing the United States over 8 billion dollars, with over 1 billion of that cost being for fatalities due to domestic violence situations (Nitu, 2012). Furthermore, the risk for children who are present in abusive relationships rise as well. Not only will the chances of the children being abused rise, but the probability they themselves will become engaged in abusive relationships...

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