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Family Violence In Media Essay

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According to Richard Gelles, dean of University of Pennsylvania and chair of Child Welfare and Family Violence in the School of Social Policy and Practice, factors that have been consistently found to be related to domestic abuse include the cycle of violence, low socioeconomic status, social and structural stress, low self-concept, personality problems and psychopathology (1985, p.358). There are many factors that contributed to Slim being in her situation. First was her low socioeconomic states. She was a waitress, making no money, and having no solid plans for her future. Second, though her past is not explained, she grew up without her father and her mother wasn’t much of a parent. ...view middle of the document...

Also, they agree that “spouses are reproductive partners who have intersecting fitness interest in the welfare of their joint offspring” (Daly&Wilson, 1998). In “Enough”, Slim is approached by a male friend during her wedding to be congratulated but Mitch shows signs of jealousy and asks her when they were going to have children. He used her fairytale idea of a happy family to trap her in the marriage. Women are more at risk when they try to leave their abusive partner. They can then become victims of stalking. Though Slim had no resources to leave, Mitch used his resources to continuously stalk her. Sociologists Angela Hattery and Earl Smith define stalking is a particular kind of psychological abuse that involves behaviors such as tapping phone lines, following victims as they run errands, harassment, constant calling, etc. (2012, p. 207).
Leaving a relationship is never easy for an abused woman who stays at home because she lacks the resources to do so. In this movie, Slim fights...

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