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Antigone and Creon are the main and most opinionated actors in the play Antigone. They are both passionate about their beliefs and values. Being stubborn plays a key role in the conflict because they don’t try to come to an agreement nor see eye to eye. Although they have opposite opinions, a compromise is still possible because they both value the gods very strongly. They are also firm believers of loyalty and loyal to their beliefs.

Antigone thought Polynices should have the respectful burial that he deserves because that it something one needs to be with the gods. She is very strong on her belief of this because Polynices is family to her and family is family no matter what. Family is something she valued along with the wishes of the gods. Antigone is so passionate about Polynices’ burial she goes to Ismene, her sister, for help with the burial of Polynices and their conversation states:

Antigone: Will you lift up his body with these bare hands and lower it with me?
Ismene: What? You’d bury him — when a law forbids the city?
Antigone: He is my brother and — deny it as you will — your brother too. No one will ever convict me for a traitor. (Sophocles 735)

Even when she gets caught her response is “I did it. I don’t deny a thing.” (746). She knew she committed a crime against her uncle (the ruler) and the country. Antigone is so strong-minded on this, that knowing the punishment she still does it. To her the punishment is worth her uncle having his proper burial that she believes he deserves.

Antigone emphasizes more on the individual while Creon is for the state and his position for the people. Creon looks at Polynices as a traitor who doesn’t deserve the burial even though it is his nephew. Creon’s opinion is very direct ordering:

No, he must be left unburied, his corpse carrion for the birds and dogs to tear, an obscenity for the citizens to behold! These are my principles. Never at my hands will the traitor be honored above the patriot. But whoever proves his loyalty to the state: I’ll prize that man in death as well as life. (739)

He values the country and makes a law...

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