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Famous American Authors: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, And Nathanial Hawthorne

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The period of the late eighteenth century and beginning of the nineteenth was cosidered the Romantic era in Europe and in America. This movement was a large scale rebellion against the Englightment period ideas where science and logic ruled the literary arts. Authors took several approaches on how to convey to the readers social and metaphysical opinions through the tone in a series of novels published. Tone is apparent in much of the American Romantic era writing including that of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe.
Ralph Waldo Emerson was a self proclaimed Transcendentalist believe that every man was infinitely good and pure goodness was possible. Emerson was also an Idealist, someone who trusted that man’s morals and values would out weigh terrestrial desires that came from modern society. These two notions were weaved throughout some of his works such as Nature also, the theme of nature itself was a major theme in works later in Emerson’s life. Emerson’s tone on metaphysics was that nature was directly created and connect to the Over Soul, god-like being, and all man had to do to experience true divinity was to trandsend hisself with nature and the two shall merge. This Transcendental idea as well as that it is essential for man to recognize the Spirit in natue were an underlying message Emerson was trying to convey in his radical essays.
The radicialness of Emerson’s work prompted a movement, known as the Antitranscendentalism or Gothic movement. Nathanial Hawthorne was a promanent member of the American Antitranscendentalist movement and this was easily detectable in this works. Hawthorne’s use of allegory and symbolism in...

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