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Famous For My Ugliness Essay

1952 words - 8 pages

Famous for my Ugliness -Zahra

Phew! I escaped from my barn! Now these nasty animals are no longer going to tease me for my dull feathers.Being born as a ugliest duck is curse,going through the bullying and fear.
Now I am alone in my sidewalk all by myself confidently because there no one to bully me.Wait,I can hear the big footsteps thumping behind my back,there is the one!
I look back and it is a human woman with a backpack staring at my eyes.
“This is a strange bird,I never seen anything like that before!” says she.
I feel disgusted,my body is on display for my ugliness and I am sure she finds me strangely ugly.I walk away as fast possible to avoid getting bullied.
Then,she runs towards me and look in front of me.
“That’s a cute,exotic duck! I must carry this to show a new bird I’ve found.” says she happily.
I can’t believe that she calls me cute! I never been called ‘cute’ or even ‘exotic’ by those barn animals.I hope the humans would find me adorable and cute.
She carry me and goes to the big care.She drives and I am on her shoulder.After seeing the driving view for half-an-hour,she stopped it behind the huge building with some animal posters.
She went with me to a big room with strange machines and a lot of people are wearing white coats.She put me on the table and talked to other people,they are looking at me strangely.
Then,another man carried me gently and plucked my feather at the back of my body!
Why would he do this to me!Don’t he know that he is bullying me?
The mean man with my feather walks to the small strange machine and looking at my feather carefully.What is he really doing to my feather?
He returns back to the woman and a have a serious talk.I hear that I am new bird in a new species of ducks.They think I am a strange new duck when I am actually a normal duck from a common family.
Another man carried to to another room and the rest of the people in the room follow him.I enter the room and see lots of light-stands,cameras,and of course strange machines.He put me on a white table with the white big paper behind my back.In front of my face,a lady is holding the camera and other people are looking at me to.I look at the camera and she pressed the camera.
“Snap! Flash! Click! Flash!”
My eyes are dizzy after I see lots of camera flashes.The lady who found me notices my dizziness and carries me to another room downstairs.
“Welcome to your home sweet home,I hope you will like it here.” says she.
She opened the door and I see it with little bit of my relieve.
My new home looks like a pond with large trees.I see some unusual birds which I had never seen before.It looks good and comfortable.
“Oh,food time for you birdies! Wait for a minute I’ll bring some snacks.” she says to the new birds. “Enjoy my little duckie” she finishes for me.Then, she leaves the room and closes.
First thing I saw is a big scary eagle with pink eyes and completely white coat.I lower my gaze and avoid her so that I won’t get bullied.
“Don't be...

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