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Famous Japanese Gardens Essay

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Japanese garden has a very appealing aesthetic importance due to continuous change in various seasons. These gardens always maintain the stillness of air and peace, even though they are changing externally in every season.
Following are some of the famous Japanese gardens all over world:
• Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto: It is a famous Zen garden style and one of the most popular dry-landscape designs. It is believed to be the unique masterpiece in the culture of Japanese gardens. This garden is comprised of low walls, rock seats arranged on white gravel bed. This garden is devoid of trees, ponds, hills and running water. The area around the temple is covered with moss increasing the beauty of the garden.
• Korakuen Garden: This garden is situated in the Okayama. It is granted as one of the three official Great Japanese gardens. The name of the garden means “Garden of Pleasure After”. While entering the entrance, there is a large lawn with paths in crisscross manure and a tea house for occasions. The garden consists of small shrines, waterfalls, mini maple forest, greenhouse with orchids and cacti and a pond.
• Kenrokuen Garden: This garden is also regarded as one of the three most wonderful Japanese gardens. It is spread over 25 acres of landscape. It consists of waterfalls, flowers, trees and ponds and located in Kanazawa. Kenrokuen garden was built as out side of Ishikawa castle and was first open to people in 1875. Yukitsuri; ropes tied in conical array to plants are the important...

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