"Fanna": A Film Review

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Fanaa neither means sacrifice or destruction in love. In context of the Yash Raj Film "Fanaa" should be taken to mean sacrifice of a beloved for a beloved where the name Rihan comes to the mind of Zuni Ali Beg.Zuni (Kajol) meets a notorious guide (Rihan) during what seems to be a college trip to the Capital to perform a show on the Republic Day. Brought up in a very protected and idealized world of created by her parents Nafisa Ali Beg(Kiron Kher) and Zufi Ali Beg (Rishi Kapoor) as also her friends Bobo, Fatty and, she imbibes a rather romantic vision of life despite the loss of eye-sight. This brings innocence to her character which is soon marred by reality only to help her evolve into a strong level headed person. She believes in unconditional love and learns to believe and has an optimistic and rather beautiful picture of the environment around her. To cite one example, she generalizes what Shahjahan had quoted for Kashmir. Yet she is not gullible. She understands the vices of man which can be seen from a very understated couplet in the mist of all others which emphasizes that even a dying man wishes for some land on his burial. Her decisions are flavored by the teachings of her parents but she does get to decide her own path of life. The movie picks up some dramatic pace when Rihan notices that Zuni takes their apparently short relationship too seriously and confesses her love for him. Afraid of commitment he tries to drift away and it seems completely legitimate for Rihan seems to be 'playing the field'. His confession does not scare Zuni off but she accepts his decision but pleads him to spend the last 12 hours of her trip with her.This date is followed by a romantic song in the rain 'Yeh Boondein Hain Basish Ki'. The picturization of the song as well as the though process behind the situation created is similar to Kunal Kohli's direction of Saason Ko Saason Se Milne.. from Hum Tum. It goes beyond the madhurya tone of the song and the shringhar rasa situation of the nayak and nayaka. Rihan like Hum Tum's Hum felt guilty to spend the night with Zuni and does the ?right thing?. He also gets baffled with the fact that Zuni has no expectation from him. Another sign of her unconditional love. Only in this case it is perhaps not because Zuni was special to him but because she was differently able. This is made clear when he opts to get her eye treatment done before the promised nigah as also his admittance that Zuni was his weakness though not a liability and that he felt sorry to fell in love with her. This seems to justify his character, that of a down right honest arrogant good looking flirt who admits that men like him are interested in necessities not love. This is another page taken from Kohli's character of Hum. Men!Both Kajol and Rani Mukharji's characters play the part of Kunal Kohli's Tum. Kohli's conception of strong women in his scripts is exemplified by their choice to engage in pre marital sex because they felt right about it and...

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