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Dreams (Sigmound Freud's interpretation) Dreams, what are the meaning? Sigmound Freud "Dreams, what are the meaning?" Sigmound Freud wrote many books, publications, and articles about the subject of dreams and how to interpret them. He had many theories pertaining to why, what, and how to interpret our dreams and find a meaning hidden within them.Freud had many theories about what certain dreams and the objects within those dreams are symbols of. His theory of dreams is based on a number of things. First of which is that dreams are essentially the method of protecting sleep. As sleep is a necessity to a healthy functioning body, the need for the mind to continue reacting to stimuli while the body is at rest, is essential. He states that dreams are the mind's reaction to external stimuli. For example, he did tests on many patients in which he would use external forces to see if it would indeed effect their dreams. Freud placed a strong cologne in front of a patients nose, and the patient dreamt that he was in Cairo acting as a sort of "Zorro" type hero on an adventure. Then he placed a drop of water on the patient's forehead, and the patient dreamt he was in Italy, and sweating violently while drinking Orvieto wine. So this would be one theory to how dreams come about. However, Freud pondered the question of "why do we have dreams if there is no external stimuli present?" Thus, he concluded that if there is no external stimuli then the dreamer must receive stimulus from an internal force, such as our inner most desire, wishes, fears, and problems. Such emotions are called latent dreams thought, as compared to external forces, which are called manifest dream contents. Trying to interpret our "latent dream thoughts" is called dream work. Freud believes that in order to find true meaning to these subconscious thoughts one must go through these four processes.1. Condensation: This is the process in which two or more associations to the latent dream thought are compressed into one image. Thus we may find old, dwelling memories from our past reenacted within our dreams.2. Displacement: A sort of censorship; meaning that...

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1705 words - 7 pages . Before focusing on the elaboration of his theory of dreams, Freud noticed there were three different appreciations commonly made of dreams : (1) dreams are the expression of a superior state where repressed fantasies reappear ; (2) medical experts believe dreams respond to sensorial and stomatic stimuli ; (3) the public consider dreams have a meaning.2 On those premises, Freud has developped and strenghtened his 'dream theory'. The very first

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823 words - 3 pages and to explain your behavior. Dreams reveal things about you, not hide them. Hall categorizes dreams into one of five principle areas of life.1. Concepts of Self- refer to the types or number of roles you play in your dreams.2. Concepts of other people- are the roles other people play in your dreams. Consider your feelings toward them and how you interact with them.3. Concepts of the world -represent the dream surrounding and landscape. The

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911 words - 4 pages their recent and ancient ancestors, to gather wisdom and knowledge that would serve them in their waking lives. (3) When we fall asleep our mind takes over and we enter the world of dreams but when exactly does this occur? There are four stages of sleep and dreams can occur in any of these stages, but the most vivid dreams happen in the last stage. Dreams occur while we are in a type of sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) (2). In this stage

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1836 words - 8 pages experiments have been conducted by waking people up in both types of sleep. When people were awakened during REM sleep they remembered many vivid dreams with a great Chance 2 amount of detail. When they were awakened in NREM sleep they could not remember much of their dreams and their descriptions of their

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858 words - 4 pages that happen in our brain during REM and N-REM stages. 2. Dreams are said to be what we see when we do not control our brain. 3. There are many theories to why we have dreams. Reflections on My Search My research took a rather brief amount of time but actually analyzing the text was what occupied most of my time. I have figured out how to use my time wisely and to not be contingent on one specified occasion to do all of my research. I

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2305 words - 9 pages sex difference in dreams” revisited. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46(5), 1109-1117. Morewedge, C. K. & Norton, M. I. (2009). When dreaming is believing: The (motivated) interpretation of dreams. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 96(2), 249-264. Szmigielska, B., & Holda, M. (2007). Students' views on the role of dreams in human life. Dreaming, 17(3), 152-158. Urbina, S. P., & Grey, A. (1975). Cultural and sex differences in the sex distribution of dream characters. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 6(3), 358-364.

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2016 words - 9 pages considers the whether there are a significant functions and meanings of dreams by responding to the following questions. 1. What are the theories explaining dreams? 2. What are the limitations behind those theories? 3. Is there any contrast between those theories? 4. Do dreams serve any purpose in psychology? Understanding the differences between theories would help to understand more about the anonymity called dreams. What are the theories

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980 words - 4 pages deferred?" (Hughes 1). A dream deferred is a dream that is put off to the side and left there while other dreams are made and other dreams are being accomplished. "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" (Hughes 2). What Hughes means is that the dream is left there to sit and dry up and become smaller and smaller as time goes on, just like a raisin left sitting in the hot sun on a warm day. A dream dries out and becomes smaller as it sits untouched


1227 words - 5 pages looking for freedom of control and to be a hero. Kaufman explains how Walter slowly transforms from the boring everyday life to his action packed dreams (2). Walter does not even realize that he is falling into these action packed dreams when he is bored until something or someone brings him back into the reality of the real world. In The Secret Sin of Walter Mitty?, Walter is portrayed as someone who does not want just freedom, but freedom from

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1746 words - 7 pages them go, for without dreams, life is not worth living. Hughes’ comparison of the injured bird, a frozen, empty field, and a life without dreams, demonstrates the connection lifeless nature has to a dreamless life. This struggle with choosing a life with vision and meaning, or choosing one without dreams and passions, may be a battle many people fight everyday. “For if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly” (Lines 2-4

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1325 words - 5 pages Dreams play a large role in many people's lives. They can reflect and pertain to all aspects of life, and can have a deeper meaning than might immediately be realized. Learning about the effect of dreams and sleep is very important. Following the stages of sleep is an easy way to determine when a person is going to dream; thinking about the last thing you saw on television, for example, may hint to what you are going to dream about. The

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1011 words - 4 pages during sleep. While REM sleep is the best biological condition for dreaming, dreams may occur any time during sleep (1). The brain is less responsive to external inputs while sleeping, engaged, instead, with internally generated input (2) . While responsiveness to external input is greatly reduced during sleep, the brain in not completely unresponsive and can be stimulated by the environment (1) . Thus, external influences can effect dreams. For

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1808 words - 7 pages . Subconscious mind A. Sort out information B. Improve emotional well being C. Reduce stress D. Improve creativity IV. View of dreams A. Brains way of unlearning B. Mental housecleaning C. Purpose of dreams 1. fulfill conscious wishes 2. to guard sleep V. What happens during sleep A. Temperature declines B. Breathing begins to even C. REM 1. rapid eye movement D. Spend one third of lives sleeping E. Four categories of dreams 1. prophetic 2. standard 3

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1490 words - 6 pages than the brain of someone who is awake. “Sigmund Freud theorized that dreams were the expression of unconsciousness desires often stemming from childhood.” (Kantrowitz 2). When people dream, pain can also show up. When dreaming only some parts of the brains are active, and some are not. “The brain The brain stem and limbic system appear to act as “activators” of the REM state of sleep we typically associate with dreaming. They arouse us into

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1380 words - 6 pages . Illinouis: Standard Publications, 2003. Freud, Sigmund. The Interpretation of Dreams. New York: Macmillian CO. 1937. Parker, Alice Anne. Understand Your Dreams. California: H.J. Kramer, 2001. “6 Things That Influence Your Dreams.” huffingtonpost.com. 28 Sept. 2013. Huffington Post. 2 April 2014. . “What Dreams Say About Personality.” health,howstuffworks.com. 16 August 2005. How