Fantasy Sports On The Internet Essay

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Fantasy Sports on the Internet

The Internet is something that is common in today’s society. The internet’s uses vary from talking online to getting information on just about anything one wants. This new phenomenon was an instant hit and in the mid 90’s the internet was being found in more and more households. The internet opened up opportunities for many things such as easy access to any information, online shopping, being able to talk to people on the other side of the world with no cost, and it set up the whole fantasy world in sports. Internet was the key that made fantasy sports into the huge game that it is today. Fantasy leagues make it possible for millions of people to have pick and manage a team the way they think it should be done. However, some people soon realize that they would not make a good coach because they cannot even do well among their peers. The internet allowed for anybody to take place in these various fantasy leagues.

Fantasy sports have been around for more than three decades. Fantasy sports like many other fads began in California in the 1960’s when a small group of men at a bar decided they could make better decisions than the coaches playing the game. (“Fantasy sports leagues score big on Internet”). This new fad caught on with many other guys and it was not too long until a lot of businesses started picking up this new sport. For the first time in history the common people started to get the sense that they could be a coach and manage how a team should be ran. However, this was a tedious task that took a lot of time for whoever ran these leagues. These people had to keep track of the player’s statistics that went on during that week. The internet made it a lot easier and faster to run and maintain a league.

Fantasy sports were introduced to the internet in 1995 (“Fantasy sorts leagues score big on Internet”). The first people to hop on this bandwagon were the businesses that had already been playing for the past three decades. However, it was not long before everybody wanted in on these fantasy sports. Today there are more than thirty million fans worldwide that play in these leagues (“Fantasy sports leagues score big on Internet”). This new fad like has given the opportunity for anyone who wants it to manage their own team in a very realistic way. The first thing one does is get their players from a draft and then it is that persons job to decide which players to play each week or, if that player...

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