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Fantine Fantine is the first part in the novel Les Miserables and it is the part that gets you acquainted with all or most of the characters in the book. The first part of the book explains to the reader that Jean Valjean is an escaped convict who is just trying to get his life back together but the people wont let him because of the aforementioned fact. The only person who let him into his home what the Bishop of Digne. In this part of the book the Bishop shows his hospitality to Jean by allowing him in his house to dine and sleep for the evening and with all this hospitality Jean still betrays him and steals the Bishops silver from the cabinet. Upon getting caught the next day the Bishop shows even more kindness by saying that Jean did not steal the silver but that he gave it to Jean. After this Jean started walking and ended up in the town of Montreuil-sur-mer. Fantine is another character that is introduced in this Part. Fantine is a single mother who has one daughter named Cosette. Fantine asks another family, the Thenardieners, to take care of Cosette for her and offers money in exchange. The family accepts the offer but treats poor Cosette like a slave in their home and shows her no love.Fantine then continues her journey and ends up in the town of Monreuil-sur-mer. She is working at a factory own and run by Monsieur Madeleine, who coincidentally is Jean Valjean.She becomes Jean's...

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1829 words - 7 pages Today, women have many of the same privileges as men. This includes the right to free speech, personal safety and education. Women’s rights have progressed dramatically since the French Revolution, but the cycle of poverty still affects many women today, specifically women of minorities and/or who have been incarcerated. Two popular adaptions of this unfortunate phenomenon and characters affected by it are Fantine, a single-mother trying to

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1250 words - 5 pages through like a burning light. Lucy Manette and Bienvenu expose this light, and administer this light to all who willingly accept it. The light shows love, while the hiding of light shows hatred. Characters that offer only cruelty to the world such as Javert and Jerry Cruncher hide the light, allowing the darkness of their hearts to surface. The ultimate light, or perfect example of love was performed by both Fantine and Sydney Carton. Both give

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2746 words - 11 pages ability to serve everyone, he brought joy to his people just like Jesus brings us joy. One of the workers Valjean offered work and therefore life was Fantine. Fantine, in the novel, recently gave birth to a child Cosette. Cosette became Fantine’s life, and Fantine gave everything up for Cosette. Fantine shows utmost love in her actions toward Cosette. In order to pay for the child Fantine Of all the love shown throughout Les Miserables, none

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947 words - 4 pages life.      Hugo also uses the Thenardiers as an example of society’s corruption. They may even be Hugo’s ultimate view of society’s problems. They are a family of despicable thieves and con-artists. They first appear when they agree to take in Cosette, but only so that they can later force Fantine to pay them endless expenses for Cosette’s well-being. Of course, the Thenardiers never intended for any of the money to be used

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2271 words - 10 pages one’s faults emerges. This theme is especially evident in the fact that Fantine cut off her hair and sold it only to be jeered at, all for her misfortune, Cosette. Knowing that this could possible make her an outcast, she still “bought a knitted skirt and sent it to the Thénardiers… ‘My little girl is warm now, I’ve dressed her with my hair’” (154). As Cosette was her illegitimate child, Fantine gave her to the Thénardiers in order to be able to go

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1646 words - 7 pages being released from prison and through the kindness of Father Myriel, becomes a new man. Myriel sees the good and Valjean and helps him create a new identity in order to begin a new life. Valjean's kindness and generosity to others gradually builds a successful and prosperous life for him. One of his employees, whom he does not know, is fired by the head mistress because of an illegitimate baby. Fantine, the former employee, goes from

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2582 words - 10 pages them and was sent to jail for this. Valjean is viewed as a criminal by most people although he is actually a good person on the inside.-Tholomyes, Listolier, Fameuil, and Blacheville: Four students who play a terrible joke on their girlfriends.-Fantine, Zéphine, Dahlia, and Favourite: The girlfriends of the four students. Fantine is pregnant with Tholomyes child so when Tholomyes leaves she feels terribly depressed.-Cosette: Daughter of

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883 words - 4 pages Victor Hugo’s Les Misèrables is a classic novel that demonstrates how a child is unable to mature in darkness. In the book, Fantine, gets pregnant and is left alone with her child, Cosette. Fantine searches for a place where Cosette can stay while she goes out to work. When she finds the right house she leaves her child, little did Fantine know that Cosette was going to be mistreated and miserable. On Fantine’s death bed, she begs Jean Valjean

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680 words - 3 pages of it, but I was fooled. The show was very touching, as well as heartbreaking. The way people use to be treated was unheard of and wrong. The show represented courage, pride and prosperity. The way Fantine stood up for herself, was brave, and everyone should use her as an example of courage and pride. The basic headline of the play was a man named Jean Valjean who lived with a preacher after being released from prison. The preacher took him in

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1180 words - 5 pages recognized that nothing of value can be gained without some degree of sacrifice. Both Les Misérables and A Tale of Two Cities recognize this value and advocate its importance through the actions of their separate characters. In Les Misérables, the life of Fantine presents a powerful example of the impact of sacrifice. Once a beautiful woman, buoyed by the fleeting love of a man and motivated by the blithe pleasures of existence, Fantine

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1204 words - 5 pages the novel and intimidating size of the book. The unabridged copy I had read was about 1500 pages long. However, I will attempt to cover the main points of interest.Structurally, Les Misérables is divided into five volumes, each containing at least eight “books”, further divided into a number of chapters. The first volume, ‘Fantine’, introduces convict, and main focus of the novel, Jean Valjean to us. Jean Valjean is the

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987 words - 4 pages , he explains that as long as "social asphyxia", and the three great problem of the age remain on Earth, his book is useful. Understanding the existing condition of the ruin of women through starvation is useful because it helps one see the world more cautiously and be sure not to fall into society’s trap. Fantine was destroyed when she was fired and could no longer support herself. The female Thénardiers are broken when they lose Cosette and have

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1165 words - 5 pages The historic novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo tells the story of several characters who fall victim to 19th-century French society. Fantine, a struggling single mother, is forced into circumstances that parallel what countless women face today. Unable to find work and falling behind on her debts to her child’s caretakers, Fantine is forced to sell all of her belongings, hair, teeth, and eventually her body. She did not choose to enter into

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622 words - 2 pages Optimism and Pessimism in Les Miserables "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise" Optimism and pessimism show up frequently in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, especially in the well-defined characters. The first minor character that has one of these qualities is the optimistic bishop who takes Jean Valjean in. Jean Valjean himself starts the story off as a pessimist but quickly becomes a very optimistic character, like Fantine

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1340 words - 6 pages he has made and finally comes to the realization that he must do the right thing and save Champmathieu. Jean Valjean saving a man from the hell of prison and the corruption it brings shows readers how much Jean Valjean has changed. He is a caring person who is true to his word and wants to live a life of giving and being selfless. Additionally, Jean Valjean takes it upon himself to take care of Cosette now that Fantine has died. Jean Valjean