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Far Away From Home Essay

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Far Away from Home
His plane had just landed on the island Montreal. He already felt nostalgic ever since he left Marseilles, his hometown. He asked himself whether he will enjoy living blissfully or suffer in this province because people here are very different than those living in France.
Pascal de Bonaventure was enrolled to Westmount High School. He joined the French immersion program and took every other enriched course. Pascal was head and shoulders above the rest of the students in France. He was an intellectual Haitian teenager with a strongly built body and an afro shaped like a tree. He would naturally have this austere demeanor; he would always put up a serious and cold-looking ...view middle of the document...

James was baffled and shocked at Pascal’s answer.
“Wow there! Calm down, I’m just asking. You don’t need to get so pissed over it. You could have just said a simple ‘no’. Anyways, I saw you posted a song that I happened to like on Facebook and I was wondering if you wanted to swing by my place and check out the albums I have.”
Pascal was surprised that James and him had a common interest and accepted the offer.
Once arrived at James’ apartment, they started to listen to some of the “Wu Tang Clan” and “A Tribe Called Quest” albums. A while later, James reluctantly asked Pascal some questions just to get to know him better.
-“So, how was life back in France? Why did you decide to come here and how come you have a fitting accent?”
-“Life was just the same there, just different people here and there. I decided to move here because I wanted to have a new beginning in life starting from here. And, for the accent, well it just naturally came along.”
-“Okay, I just have one last question: Why are you always so serious-looking and silent around people? You seem to have sapient judgments about anything, so why hide it?”
-“It’s because they wouldn’t take my opinion into consideration and most of the time they’d be against it. They always sugarcoat reality, but they never open their eyes towards the true harsh reality.”
-“I don’t really get what you mean, but I guess, coming from you, it makes sense.”
Next day after school, James was on his way home. He then got cornered by a bulky-looking guy and was refrained from moving.

“Hmm, so you see to be hanging around with this international student. Didn’t you forget about the rule I previously mentioned before ‘no social connection with outsiders from Canada’”?
James stuttered out in fear: “Uh… wh-what. But…...

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