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Far Cry From Where We Want To Be But We're On The Right Path

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With less than one year and seven months left to achieve their goals, can the ‘United Nations Millennium Campaign’ be considered a success?
In September 2000, with the new millennium coming to an end, the ever looming reality of the serious issues, such as extreme poverty and hunger that had been plaguing third world countries and the less fortunate, had officially been brought to light and must be dealt with. These issues were compiled and formed the basis of what is known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Eight goals that the United Nations Millennium Campaign have set out to achieve by 2015, which include; “Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, universal primary education, ...view middle of the document... A valiant effort and well-intended but the goals were simply unrealistic. For example millennium development goal 2 (MDG 2) ‘Achieving universal primary education’; many countries that are at low levels of development, must achieve a feat that took rich countries almost a hundred years to accomplish, in only ten years. (SOURCE This exemplifies the argument that the mdgs are going to fail simply because they were unrealistic.
With the deadlines closing in, the problems that gave rise to the inception of the MDG campaign have indeed been impacted but is it enough to be considered a success?
MDG 2 “Universal Primary education” in my opinion, would be one of, if not the most, important goals to actually achieve sooner than later, as it would be the gateway to the solution of almost all the other issues and the boost needed to accomplish the other goals. Mild success has been achieved in this area during the campaign, enrolment in developing countries has risen from roughly 83% to 90% since (SOURCE but early school leaving has remained at a steady constant, sitting at 25% which is the same as back in the 2000, when the MDG began(SOURCE This shows that, although good work has been done to offer opportunities for primary education for children, the root of the problem hasn’t been addressed.
Social traditions, lack of income and issues within the community can cause repetition in schools. Schooling, already an expensive endeavour for the already impoverished family in developing countries is made even more difficult under conditions that would hinder a child's’ learning and cause cause the student to have to repeat grades.
Research suggests that these children, along with children that start school late, are more likely to leave school early (SOURCE Low quality teaching may also play a factor in the dropout rate, as it would be more difficult for the child to learn if necessary education is delivered poorly. Despite this, there are countries that still retain high dropout rates but low repetition rates such as Ethiopia and Liberia (SOURCE it is suggested that this is because of hardships encountered within the society that would prevent the child from continuing.
As suggested, high repetition rates, and thus high dropout rates, have been associated with factors that affect the child’s ability to learn; factors such as the child's age, gender, family income, parents’ education, location and teaching quality. So these are the issues that should be targeted in order to achieve the millenium goal of universal primary education.
To keep a child in school could simply be too expensive for the family of the child, especially in situations where the child has...

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