Farenheit 451: Character Analysis, Plot Summary, General Analysis, And Alternate Ending

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CharactersGuy MontagGuy is a new-age fireman who suddenly realizes that his life is meaningless and starts to search for significances in books. He is set on breaking free of the bonds of oppression and quickly bonds with anyone who seems that they could befriend him.Mildred MontagMontag's frail wife, Mildred, never wishes to indulge in a conversation with her husband about their failing marriage. Her suicide attempts, childish manner, and obsession with television only complicate their marriage.Captain BeattyBeatty is the well-read captain of Montag's new-age fire department. Conversely, Beatty despises books and the people who harbor them and is deceitfully perceptive.Clarisse McClellanClarisse is an extremely happy seventeen-year-old girl who happens upon Montag and introduces him to the world's happiness. Her abnormal hobbies make her an outcast from society.Professor FaberMontag met Faber, a retired English professor, a year before the start of the novel. Faber posses few books and feels that his cowardice has led society to book burning.GrangerGranger is the leader of the "Book People," a vagrant society of book aficionados who intend on preserving literature. He confides in the perseverance of the human spirit and is, himself, extremely intelligent.Plot In a futuristic American city, Guy Montag is a fireman. This society's firemen start fires instead of putting them out. The firemen are responsible for the destruction of books. People here do not read books or enjoy nature; they drive excessively fast cars and watch abnormal amounts of television. Immediately after the exposition of the novel, Montag meets a confident but gentle girl. This girl, Clarisse McClellan, takes pleasure in asking arbitrary yet incisive question. Montag stops to listen to these questions and the soon the girl's love of nature and people opens Montag's eyes. In the next several days, Montag realizes certain aspects of human nature in unsettling situations. Mildred, Montag's wife, attempts to commit suicide by ingesting a bottle of sleeping pills. Then, an alarm is called in on an old woman who is the curator of her own vast library. The woman chooses to be burnt alive with her books, startling Montag. A few days later, Montag learns that McClellan was killed by a speeding motorist. Montag's increasing disappointment with his life leads him to find redemption in books he had kept from many previous fires. From reading these books, Montag had refrained form being a fireman. His captain, Beatty, comes to his door to see what the matter is. Beatty explains to Montag how it is natural for a fireman to attempt to comprehend books and why they are to be burned. The captain tells of how long ago many minorities complained about the views of them in literature. Writers continually tried to avoid offending them over several years. Eventually, society decided to burn books instead of attempting to reconcile them. Beatty gives Montag a day to read his...

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