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Farewell Reminds New Beginning Essay

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Every beginning has its ending. And for ever ending there is a new chapter that will open in ones’ life. Time flies so fast that things happen in a rush. The past few days, you were just new to everything and then now you were about to leave.
“I want to live a simple life with loving family who entrusted everything to God.” Mrs. Nenita Pureza Gonzales y Cabatay was born on the 22nd day of January, 1954 in Tiquiwan, Rosario, Batangas to Mr. Jose Rodriguez Gonzales from San Jose, Batangas and Mrs. Ruberta Alday Pureza, a native of Baybayin, Rosario, Batangas. She was the third-born child among the five children. Her father worked as a farmer and her mother became a flexible housewife for ...view middle of the document...

When they were in a trip either her daughters or granddaughters led the praying of the rosary. Her husband read bible and they were involved in religious organizations.
Their family sponsored their family reunion which was yearly held at their house. They were having their outing, went to the church and to mall every Sunday as their bonding. On Christmas they were used to complete the misa de gallo or simbang gabi and then attend the mass on Christmas Eve. At the same day, they also celebrated her husband’s birthday. Their relatives and godchildren used to visit them. She promised to provide a memorable and grandeur birthdays for her daughters and grandchildren for she knew that it could be one of the things that she could give to them that would contribute to some of their best moments.
Mrs. Cabatay taught her seven children how to be respectful. They practiced pagmamano or asking for a blessing and encouraged them to kiss her before leaving and when they arrive in their house. Her children were all through on their studies...

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