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Imagine owning the perfect farm, perfect home, perfect pasture, and outstanding prosperous crops. What about when it floods, or there is a fire? Suddenly everything changes. You no longer have that perfect farm. You may no longer even have you home, much less a means to provide for yourself and your family. Who is supposed to protect you then and everything you had?
The answer is simple: Farm Bureau.
Farm Bureau is the world’s largest general farm organization, and the voice of agriculture. Most people would think however that Farm Bureau can’t be that big, but Farm Bureau actually has over six million member families across the country and in Puerto Rico. Statistics show that three out of every four people involved in a farm organization actually belong to Farm Bureau. One of the main reasons so many people want to be a part of Farm Bureau is because Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, meaning the members are the voice.
Although most people might think that Farm Bureau just suddenly became a national organization, the Farm Bureau Federation actually started in the state of Missouri. On March 24, 1915, ten county representatives met in Saline County, Missouri, with the goal of protecting the agricultural industry and improving the quality of life for rural Missourians.
In 1919, farmers from thirty states, including Missouri, saw a need. They gathered in Chicago and formed the American Farm Bureau Federation. In 1919, they had one goal, they wanted to speak for themselves with the help of their own national organization. Since 1919, Farm Bureau has operated by a philosophy that states: “analyze the problem of farmers and develop a plan of action for these problems” (Missouri). In the past 94 years, the American Farm Bureau has proven that their original purpose holds true to this very day.
Farm Bureau has always been very active in legislation, speaking up about the need of farmers, from topics ranging from tax reform, to labor and water resources.
A current major legislative act Farm Bureau is involved with is The Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act was created in 1972 to limit federal jurisdiction over bodies of waters such as large lakes, stream and rivers. This act was considered fine until the Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, wanted to expand its jurisdiction to cover ditches, farm ponds, erosional features, etc. The reason Farm Bureau doesn’t want the Clean Water Act to be revised is because if it were to be passed, the EPA would be able to regulate just about every drop of water. This would impact just about every aspect of farming from fertilizing fields, storing feed and how farmers deal with animal carcasses.
Another legislative act Farm Bureau has become involved with was about the 2008 extended Farm Bill that had been extended until September 30, 2013. The American Farm Bureau helped convince Congress to extend the bill before it expired. Farm Bureau is now pushing for...

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