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Fascism To Genocide How? Essay

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There is not dispute that Adolf Hitler is to blame for the Holocaust however, had the Allied Powers intervened sooner than they did, millions of lives would have been saved. During World War Two the world was split into two general groups: the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. The countries which made up the Allied Powers included Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, Asutralia and China (“Allied Powers”). On the opposite end, the countries which made up the Axis Powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan (“Axis Powers”). Despite all warnings of the mass murder happening in Germany, many of the Allied Powers refused to intervene, their lack of help consequently resulted in the execution of around six million Jewish civilians (Norton 4).
Many of the Allied Powers did not enter World War Two until years after the Nazi Party began segregating Jewish civilians. In 1933 the Nazi Party rose to power and formed a boycott on all businesses run by Jews (Norton 17). Everything from that point on went downhill and the execution of Jewish civilians began on November 7, 1938 (Norton 26). However, many of the Allied Powers including Great Britain, France, and Australia did not join the war until March 9, 1939 (). By that time countless amounts of Jewish citizens were discriminated and executed. It was not until August 12, 1941 that the United States got involved in the War, and that was only because Japan sent the first attack on Pearl Harbor (). Only a year after the United States entered the war the final solution was put into place and three million Jews were executed over a period of four years. (Norton 39). It took a rough eight years, after the Nazi Power rose to power, for all members of the Allied Powers to join the war. Had the surrounding countries entered the war sooner millions of lives would have been saved and World War Two would not have had the disastrous effects...

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