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Fashion: Following The Coolest Trends Essay

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Did you know that fashion is known to be a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, and accessories? Fashion is a trend, that keeps changing. It makes lifestyle interesting, and some people just think differently. People set the trends especially, companies and actors in the movies. Fashion is based on time, it changes as well. In opinion fashion is something I follow, I am known to be a fashionista!
First of all, fashion mainly means the type of clothes you wear. Fashion is clothes depends upon it’s type, color, and model. Trend keeps changing the cloth type. Sometimes it’s cotton, silk, and nylon, it’s based on the publicity that it is getting. Fashion designers make the model and the color. It’s the trend to make film stars wear their clothing line. Most people wear bright colored shirts. It depends on what kind of pants you are wearing. People will know for who you are by judging the way your style is. In my opinion clothing is the best part of fashion!
Second of all, in particular jeans and pants play a role in fashion. It’s based on the seasons. For example, shorts fit best in the summer and spring. Leggings would fit best in the fall and winter. There are many types of leggings. Multicolored leggings are like printed, with flowers and any other kind of design. One strange fact about jeans is that it even has a birthday it’s on May 20th! Skinny pants and sweatpants are in fashion right now, as you can see I wear skinny jeans almost everyday! Pajamas are the softest, don’t you agree? In my opinion pajamas are the best type of pants to wear!
Third of all, clothes when worn with good set of shoes gives a fashionable and dignified look. Selection of shoes should depend on the clothes we wear. For example, heels would come best in a party or celebration of any kind. Some women wear their heels to work. Similar to that is that in school we wear sneakers and flats. Boys wear sneakers like Reebok, Sketchers, Nike, Vans, Converse, Fila and etc. Girls wear lots of shoes like flats, heels, sneakers, boots, and sandals/ slippers. The most worn brands for girls are Combat boots, Converse, Candie’s and Blowfish and etc. Most certainly girls have more types of shoes to decide on than boys. It is all based on the type of clothes you are wearing. In my opinion Converse is the best shoe to wear!
Forth of all, for girls, fashion includes makeup as it’s top priority for most of them. The most used tools for makeup is eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, powder, and etc. As you can see girls are into make-up lately, they wear it to school, work, and well anywhere you go. There are at least 82 percent of girls that wear makeup. Some girls choose not...

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