Fashion And Its Evolved From A Typical White Model To A Diverse Runway Show

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Throughout time, bright designers, world-known magazines and famous models, where few are only African-Americans, had represented fashion. The fashion industry is one of the most demanding industries ever created. On one hand, designers have to be unique, professionals, consistent and most important, famous, to keep up with the industry. On the other hand, models have to be beautiful, with unique personalities, and most important, skinny. Before the Civil Right Movement, white Americans models and designers represented the fashion industry until famous models such as Naomi Campbell, and Iman Abdulmajid entered the industry. They were the most influential models in the 1980’s and 1990’s with their personal contribution on the industry. Beauty did not only brought goods and happiness; it also brought controversy and discrimination.
Female white models represented the majority of the population on this year Mercedes-Benz fashion week. According to Grace Austin, designers used models that won’t upstage their clothes, in other words, using models that will “blend seamlessly into a garment, pretty but blank-featured.” Famous designers such as Mark Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and Salvatore Ferragamo are some of the famous designers of the 21st century. Each of them were able to present their collection on the Mercedes-Benz fashion week 2013, New York on both, spring and fall. According to statistics, white models featured an 87.6% of the population. Considering that nonwhite models were being added to the fashion industry since the Civil Right Movements on the late 60’s early 70’s, the average seems pretty low. In addition to that, the number of models that participated on the fashion show supports the theory of Austin. Also, it was a fall collection, which means that the colors used for the garment were bold and only white models can wear this without out staging the clothes.
The rise of African Americans in the fashion industry also depends on the location where the model is pursuing to work. The most influential places of fashion are New York, United States. Paris, France. London, England. Milan, Rome, Italy. It is hard to analyze why only white models were used to represent a designer on runway shows; however, designers played a major role in the involvement of white Americans models.
“Modelling places primary emphasis on the body. Models sell their ‘look’ to clients, and their ‘bookers’ broker the trade. Beyond basic attractiveness, height and size requirements. For women, typically at least 5’9” or 175.3 cm; measurements close to 34” bust, 24” waist, and 34 hips”” (Entwistle, Mears).
According to Mears, the type of model that are typically chosen for runway modeling and print modeling are most likely with the measurements mentioned above. For instance, Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous lingerie stores in the world: most of them fall in the measurements mentioned by Mears. Shockingly the models used on the runway...

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