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Fashion And The Trends To Watch

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During my lifetime I have always had a style of my own when I dress. I wear a lot of prints, very few basics, and several of the trends in style at particular times. When I first came to TCU I was a computer science major. The moment I realized that there was more to computer science than being good at using computers I changed to a pre- major. I no longer knew which direction my studies were going. One night at a party I met a young man and he told me how he was a fashion merchandising major and I became very interested in the subject. I had no idea you could major in that or that TCU offered that as a major. We continued to talk and he began telling me about the upcoming fashion week in New York. He invited me to go with him the following month but I declined despite of my longing to go. This was the point when I got really interested in the fashion industry and all the events involved. Now it is that period of time again and Fashion Week began on February 11. This will be a week filled with the new styles and silhouettes for the upcoming fall season. This week will give designers entering the market a chance to bring forth a new name and have a well-established line. During the past few years, many of the names that brought about the most curiosity were the newly emerging designers. The time period after September 11 has shown a decline in retail sales and many stores are trying to play it safe in their decisions. By keeping away from the young and new designers they shelter themselves from potential losses they are afraid of accruing. According to an article in the New York Times, "now people just want useful and beautiful clothes...we've given up labels that were iffy." I don't support this statement. In my case one of the main reasons I purchase apparel is because of the changing styles and trends, not because I necessarily need new clothes.Fashion can be defined as a style of dress, behavior, way of living, or other expression that is popular at present. A recent article that I took interest in was titled The Ones to Watch written by Cathy Horyn and was located in the New York Times. The author seemed to be writing towards the average reader that probably but may not have an interest in knowing what to buy the next time they are out on a...

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