Fashion Branding Essay

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Fashion Branding
"Clothing is primarily a means of communicating, not personal identity, but social identity" as, said by Noesjirwan and Crawford (1982) who defines clothing as a ‘code’ (McCracken and Roth 1989) or symbolic representation. Clothing has been spoken by many theoriest in the past and they refer clothing as a code, a language, which allows a message to be created and (selectively) understood (Hollander, 1978; Holman, 1980; McCracken and Roth, 1989). Compliance towards a brand today showcases the social strata of the individual or the social group they belong to. "If I'm wearing a white T-shirt and sneakers, that label [Armani] will fill in the rest of the information about me. I want to give out the right impression", says a customer in a London shop selecting her tenth pair of Armani jeans (Financial Times, 1995). This statement by an individual showcases the importance of branding. Today if we talk in any industry branding is playing a vital role. International brand development or entry technique is employed by creation of brand that is recognized as a social brand. Consumers’ perception today, among the young youth as said by Belk et al., (1981) is "consumption-based stereotypes", which means creating a perception about a persons wealth by what they own and not knowing the person. It could be termed as unanimous judgements about the person without actually knowing the person. This paper will look into the academic literature available in consumption pattern in fashion brands and would further elaborate in the entry techniques in developing or emerging nation. This paper would also highlight the importance of building brand equity and maintenance of the same. In a put shell this paper would deal with the relationship that the brand creates in the market for its success in the designed strategies for future expansions.
Society and Brand Relationship
Evolutionary change has been noted on the conceptual focus in the branding literature over the past decade (Chernatony and Dall’Olmo, 1998), and thus brands have been remained a subject of redefinement and redefinition (Stern, 2006; Jevons, 2007). To understand the impact of fashion brand it is vital to understand the impact of social class in identification of brands as a symbolic representation. Belk et al., (1981), argues that to understand the impact of the identification of social class or to define a age group which reflects more on the pertinent of brands is a problematic and hence could not be measured accurately. Although this may not be the concern while defining the social class impact on the fashion branding. Fashion branding involvement is likely to be more associated with differences in sensitivity to social surroundings in that those who are highly motivated to fit into a particular group will need to be aware of the fashion cues not just of that group but of other less desirable groups so that the "wrong" cues may be avoided (McCracken and Roth, 1989). It should be...

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