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Fashion Design And Fashion Merchandising College Degrees

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Fashion major students are often told that those interested in the field of fashion, cannot build real careers without design and merchandising qualifications. The fashion industry is a creative world of its own with many opportunities available. Fashion design involves artistic construction of clothing; whereas, fashion merchandizing is focused on the business aspect of fashion products. Based on the construction, business, and styling of clothing, fashion design and fashion merchandising are two different fields of study.
Fashion design and fashion merchandising college degrees are available on associates, bachelors, and masters levels. With a fashion design degree, different levels of ...view middle of the document...

Merchandisers are responsible for keeping up with trends for the coming season, styling and marketing and retail. Merchandisers are required to know there target market, how to run a business and how to please a customer. In order to be successful in a fashion merchandising career taking classes such as history of fashion, ethnic dress, textiles, retail management, merchandising mathematics, fashion buying, advertising, trend forecasting and marketing. Taking such classes with prepare to manufacture, buy, promote, and sell merchandise. (My Foot Path, 2014).
Careers in the fashion industry do not always call for a degree, but having one can not only help you be more in demand for employment, but also help you gain further knowledge. With appropriate qualifications in fashion design, you can become a designer, pattern maker, or a seamstress. On the other hand, with fashion merchandising qualifications, you can become a buyer and stylist. Similarly, both majors can allow you to open a boutique or clothing store.
The fashion industry is a growing industry worth $276 billion. Regardless of the...

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