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Fashion Evolution Essay

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1 Evolution of clothing in Sri Lanka over the centuries including the factors that influenced these changes.
Evolution of clothing took place due to climate, availability of plant and animals, improvement of the markets and accessibility of market. The early Stone Age has three stages as Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. The Stone Age life style was hunters/scavengers and food gatherers with least technological changes. They used sewing needles made out of fur and other type of materials to protect themselves from cold climates. The sewing needles made with bunched holes provide pathway to the evolution of clothing. Most clothes are made out of leather which decompose in ground after some time and which can withstand unfavorable climatic conditions.
Neanderthals have to adapt themselves to drastic climatic conditions, mainly cold climates .during this time the earth’s temperature rises gradually creating an ice age through Europe and Asia.Neandertals were tanning animal skins to make leather.Eventhough they lac ked fine needles to sew leather their abilities to make stones and wool were easily enough to produce sharp piercing objects for threading thong. They used thick furry hides from animals to keep their body warm and dry. They made the clothes by cutting hides ii to desire shapes making holes for the head and arms and draping round the body.

In the Iron Age, iron became the most common thing and the development of the sewing needles led to the construction of roman robes. Analysis of bog bodies show that dyed clothing became fashionable unlike just natural white, brown and gray colour wool made clothes. Instead, the clothes were colorful and patterned because man’s need had become complex and people become fashionable. It wasn’t just about having the intention of covering the body from nudity. The rich people had fur coats alone reek of power and status, since it’s made from sheep, it’s a lot for one person. However, the rich women wore a long skirt and scarf together with a petticoat made of nettle. This shows that clothes have vary because of the social status. By late Iron Age most clothes were out of wool. They were made using looms, decorated with seams on the outside to the water proofing. But in summer, they wrap a cloak, a piece of cloth and a peplum wore a long shirt on the upper body known as a tunic and a braecci which is a trouser while the women wore a tunic too. This dress is a one piece garment with sleeves and sometimes a peplum which is a tubular dress for women or a skirt to cover the legs and the and a cloak to cover the upper body as a coat. There were two types of cloaks. One is a light weight cloak and the other is a heavy weight cloak. It was worn in the winter to stay warm and dry in the rain. The cloak was made out of two layer of outer wool (e.g.: oiled and inner light weight dyed a bright colour cloth.

When talking about the evolution of the clothing after early stages divided in to following period of...

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