Fashion In Greece Discoveries Through Art And Literature

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Greece is known for their utilization, almost to a uniform extreme, of all their products which contributed to fashion. There is very few amounts of clothing that have survived the ages of time, therefore most knowledge is derived from painting and sculptures. If we look at the sculptures, bas reliefs and frescos we are able to see the lifestyle of both the Archaic, Minoan and Mycenaean eras. In the Archaic era the use of literature is reopened, where it was stopped during the dark ages. Art has emphasis on sculptures and pottery at this time. Political theory also advanced, including the development of a democracy. They brought the belt along with making clothing practical for use, such as carrying supplies in aprons and covering the head like we would know today as a sort of hoodie. This is the time between 750-500 BC. In the Minoan era the economy was growing and due to the agricultural movement such as herding sheep and growing of flax allowed for the expansion of clothing such as weaving. There was a political change which shows status as a greater importance than before and the clothing was different for political leaders such as the king. They brought the concepts of geometric design as well as natural designs. They also started wearing more fitted clothing, and still wore the belt from the archaic era. This is the time between 2000-1400 BC. In the Mycenaean era the class diversifies into rich and poor, high classes and lower classes. Members of the royal circle, along with the king, is where most of the wealth lied. They had fitted clothing and started what we see as costumes today, drapery in clothing. Most of the customs were passed on from the Minoan era. This is the time between 600-1100 BC.
The lifestyle back then was different for men and women in that males were in charge of the agricultural work which included sheep herding and growing of the crops. There were also men who were in the trade business. Since they lived on hills and on the water these were both very important aspects of the culture at this time. The clothing was short and had no sleeve which was helpful for this kind of work. Men involved in business would wear a ring which they used for signing documents. Hair also had advancement due to issuing including social change. Due to foreign influences such as Asia Minor use see men wearing sportier haircuts instead of the original long hair. Slaves would be clean shaved instead of having a beard. Thucydides describes these styles, in which men tied their heads in a knot and held together by a ‘Golden grasshopper’. Although women are portrayed as not being involved in the dirty work, if they lived in the countryside they would help contribute to the agricultural work, along with providing the family with the clothing, food and other everyday importance’s, which all women were responsible for. Women has both short sleeve and long sleeve dressed and skirts which would vary in length. Depending on the era they had different...

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