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Fashion Is Cyclical So Just Wait For It To Come Back

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One of the most important cyclical cycles in life is fashion. Fashion is a never-ending cycle of creating new designs and bringing back the most important trends from the past. With every decade, there is a new generation of fashion. The nineteen-sixties were all about love and expression and the nineteen-seventies were all about disco and fun. Then it seemed that an entirely new era of fashion was born in the nineteen-eighties. Everything about fashion seemed to have a new twist to it. In the nineteen-eighties, the unique style of punk pop greatly influenced Americans all over the country.
Girls seemed to have gone through a dramatic change during the eighties. A sense of power was realized by the women and the want to express this power and their individuality came with it. The clothing that girls wore would have surely been looked down on in the previous decades but were welcomed with open arms. Some of the biggest trends included; bold neon colors, loose shirts, tight pants, and plenty of lace. Though girls had been sweet and proper before the eighties had seemed to bring a sense that you just could not contain them. The men also reached their peak in the mid eighties. In previous decades the men would typically wear suits or more upscale causal attire but like the girls that seemed to go out of style. Trends such as parachute pants, jackets or vests, cut off shirts, and tight pants rose to popularity is the beginning or mid eighties. Just like the women’s styles clothing was usually in bright, bold, neon colors. You could also usually find large sunglasses, and converse or vans in a typical boy’s closet. Just as the girls men became very expressive and tried to find their individuality. They seemed to publicize their knew ideas in their clothing and sense of fashion.
Now an outfit is not complete without jewelry and the perfect hairdo. To go along with the daring fashion trends, jewelry was also larger, more lustrous, and more distinctive than it had ever been before. Instead of having small and discrete necklaces like the previous decades, jewelry of the eighties was bold and powerful (Pullen). Some of the key trends to eighties jewelry were beaded and gold necklaces, large earrings, and jelly or woven bracelets. As some of the items of jewelry were gold or pearls most pieces were imitation, or fake. Then there were the famous massive sized hairdos. Almost everyone can think back to the eighties and automatically think of the crazy hairstyles. Men and women seemed to have a similar taste hair. Both genders hair were equally long and large. A very important trend in the eighties was the infamous mullet hairstyle. It was also very popular to tease, color and cut the hair in unique ways. People...

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