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Fashion Personal Statement Essay

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A girl was born with the world in front of her, in the season perfect for fashion. Wide blue eyes that scanned the room and everything around her. At the age of seven fashion was on her brain. Living in a small town she was looked down up on, called names, and always doubted. No one believed in that girl and now people are opening their eyes and ears and paying attention. That girl is ready to take on the world, her dreams, and move to the best place for fashion: London.
I spent many days searching for a university that just clicked into place. I needed a university with my desired major and place. I dreamed of England since I was 12. When I clicked on the link for Istituto Marangoni I thought I was dreaming. My eyes glued to the page, scanning and reading. I was mesmerized and without second thought put this university in my favorites. I frequently visited the page. It had everything I have ever dreamed of except it was real. A stylist major with an opportunity for an internship and even better my dream of London was placed in there too. Eager eyes and my mouth moving a million words a minute. I was so happy that my dream was within reach. Doubts started to fade and my confidence started to grow.
Getting to a stable place in my life where university is right around the corner has been hard. Many obstacles have blindsided me. People giving up on me was the least of them. The biggest obstacle has been trying to get my feet out of the mucky waters from an eating disorder that almost killed me. Without struggling with this I wouldn’t have learned valuable life lessons and gaining independence. This is a lifelong battle but through my daily determination, commitment, and never stepping away from a challenge I found strength. Now the next obstacle is going overseas to continue my studies in fashion.
Marangoni Istituto is the best choice for me. It gives me a chance to be active in the fashion world versus just watching and reading about it online. In a small, country town learning...

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