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Fashion Project Essay

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After I knew that what I should do for my programme of study, I set the objective to arrange the time line and research for gain the information of this project. Started from research about fashion and trends because I didn’t finish Bachelor’s degree in Fashion, so I need to know some information about to be useful for my project. The first research that I did in the first semester is about writing the diary to arrange the time and what I should do in the first fifteen weeks.

Counting from the first week, I had plan to see the fashion show of London Fashion Weekend in London to get some experience about fashion, trends and some of exhibitions. In This fashion show, there were many styles of clothes from the leading designer over the world to showed their new collections and season which it was so amazing and made me got some inspiration for my project. I tried to find the informations about fashion more from books and also internet. Then I started to make a plan about what I should research, what I should know more about the informations and also desired the scope of my project that how many things that I would do in this project. I made a list of brands and shops that I should research to be my informations and references, I separated in two parts which were in United Kingdom and Thailand. For the list of brands and shops in United Kingdom which were Topshop, River Island, Urban Outfitters, All Saint and some independent shops because these shops are very famous high street brand in United Kingdom and very successful in teenage market. In Thailand, There were Issue, Fly...

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