Fashion Trends Shaped By Economic Issues

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The 1920’s, also called the roaring 20’s, was a time of change. During this time period the fashion for both men and women was changing immensely. The aftermath of WWI caused America to enter a vigorous era. As a result of the role of women during the war, many customs and morals were changing. The Stock Market started booming, many new dances and music came about, and women got the right to vote and enter the workforce. There was an uprise in almost every activity, and fashion was definitely one (Tirocchi, Anna and Laura). Although fashion varied throughout the decade, one could notice a drastic change from the prior fashion.
There were many factors, like said above, that played into the changes of the 1920’s. As a result of World War I the US became one of the major powers. Because of all the deaths of men during the war, the younger generation thought of the older generation as murderers. There was rapid growth of wealth for individuals in the middle class. Their wealth mixed with anger and excitement of the war ending, resulted in a rebellion. The youth of America felt the aspiration to construct their own culture. They no longer wanted to dress like the older generation that they now looked down upon. Instead, they embraced their youth, fun and enjoyment (Hossell). The Jazz Age gave everyone an edgier take on life, which was reflected in their clothing.
Clothing changed for women as their roles were changing in society. The look these women strove for was that of a prepubescent girl with a straight figure; the look that has carried decades later, becoming the stereotypical super-model figure in the present. Before the 1920’s women didn’t show their bare legs nor their arms. However, during this time, dresses became increasingly shorter, showing the legs more and more. The dresses reached their shortest length in 1926, reaching no further than their knees. The dresses normally had very short sleeves or no sleeves at all. Because ready to wear clothing was not available at the beginning of the decade, many women home-made their clothes or got them tailored. It wasn’t until the 1930s that ready to wear clothes became available with multiple fabrics. Fabrics started to become more elaborate. They could now be embroidered or have prints and designs. Many women began to wear scarves with fringed edges. This was when beaded designs, bright colors and fringes became popular on dresses too (Hossell).
Like clothing, the 1920‘s also took a great tole on women’s accessorization, the use of cosmetics, and tanning. Some popular accessories girls wore were long strand of pearls, bangles, dangling earrings and furs. The strands of pearls were normally looped a few time around the neck. Long straight fur coats without curves became very popular (Women’s Fashion Accessories). Women began getting their eyebrows thinned to emphasize a younger face. They started wearing make up around the eyes to make them look larger. Lipstick...

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