Fashion In The 60s Essay

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Fashion in the 60's

The 60's were a time of change and challenge. They brought hippies, space age, folk music, and the Beatles. Women's skirts got shorter, men's hair got longer, and everyone talked about love.

The 60's was characterized by the feeling that a break with the past had been achieved. Clothes, furniture, and products all looked newer, brighter, and more fun.

The swinging 60's were at their height. Women's hemlines were very short. Fashion in the 60's tended to encourage exhibitionism. Miniskirts, bold colors, and see through dresses were all geared to showing off women's bodies, and on rare occasion men's bodies. Gaudy accessories such as perspex rings and earrings and fold chain belts.

For women, there were long flowing skirts in intricate cotton prints. For both sexes, Indian Kafthans, headbands, "love beads", bell and bell - bottomed hipsters were the big thing. Hipsters were unisex trousers that rested on the hips rather than the waist. A wide belt with a heavy buckle was added.

The light weight ski-pants of the 50's gradually gave way to flares, bell bottoms, and loon pants, bright colors, novel materials, chunky rings, and sports cars were all part of the 60's look.

In the early 60's, the teenagers world was suddenly hit by the rock- n- roll of phenomenon of the Beatles. Teens idoled rock stars and let their hair grow long and wore bright, wild colored clothes. Leather offered great opportunities for self - expression. The clothes were influenced by stage performers.

The 60's was a reflection of the power of Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. It was the beginning of the fashion reversal. Some pop groups in particular, the Rolling Stones, cultivated a rebellious attitude that was reflected in their unconventional, scruffy clothing.

Strict rules dictated what was worn and when. Casuals...

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