Fast Five, Directed By Justin Lin

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Action movies today seem to lack attractiveness and are built completely on unnecessary explosions. Fast Five changes the tempo of all the movies surrounding it by utilizing adrenaline-pumping action sequences as well sentimental scenes in which the plot of the movie is strengthened. The movie uses a slight bit of craziness alongside a Zen-like calm in order to produce a wholesome film experience. Fast Five delivers viewers with a perfect mix of fast cars and furious men that leads to an ultimate action sequence long lost in action movies. The movie overdoses its audience with testosterone mixed with soap opera drama to provide Hollywood with the optimal action movie. Fast Five is the blockbuster action movie of the year thanks to its high-octane action scenes, star-studded cast, and emotional usage of family themes.
Whether watching Nascar on Sunday mornings or drag racing in the streets, racing has always been a favorite of American audiences. The movie starts off as a continuation from its predecessor with Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and his girlfriend, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), breaking out their leader and Mia’s brother, Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Vin Diesel), from his impeding jail sentence. The trio then flees America and escapes to Brazil. In Brazil, the trio formulates a plan for “one final heist” that will ensure all of them enough retirement money to live for the rest of their lives. Walker and Diesel call their allies from previous movies to help them finish off the plan that will yield the crew $11,000,000 to share. After devising an extensive plan to steal the money from the richest mobster in Rio de Janeiro, the group goes through a series of ridiculous but, nevertheless, amazing events, and finally decides that there is no other way to get the money other than smashing through a bank with an armored truck.
Fast Five upholds this tradition by consistently inducing feelings of adrenaline and thrills in people throughout the movie. The movie takes its audience through the streets and slums of Brazil in a fast-paced adventure that is sure to keep people on the edge of their seats. Even though the previous movies have exhausted many possibilities, action-wise, for a new movie, the action diversifies itself with many shootouts, intense races with stolen police cars, and a much anticipated full-blown fist-fight between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. From the beginning, when the protagonists jailbreak their leader from a prison bus, to the ending, where the heroes drive a huge bank safe through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Fast Five provides its viewers with all the action of driving in the front seat of the car, with the seatbelts on.
As in all movies, the actors portraying the characters must be proficient enough to engage the audience. Fast Five is no exception. Backed by their previous...

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