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Fast Food Restaurants
Over eating fast food shapes your life in a horrible way, the affects can be becoming obese, having diabetes, and becoming lazy. In today’s society almost everyone eats fast food. A lot of people eat fast about every day.Daily, fifty million Americans are served at a fast food restaurant.People rely on fast food restaurants because it’s cheap, it taste good and it’s an easy way for people not to have to cook a meal at home, but almost no one realizes how unhealthy it is.
35 out of 100 children in the United States are overweight. Shanthy Bowman did a study on 6,000 kids. In two days each kid consumed 187 more calories in fast food than they would have by eating at home.Eating more calories than your body uses for energy turns all the access calories into body fat. Bowman found that a lot of the fast food eating kids gain at least 6 extra pounds in a year.Which means those kidsare more prone to the risk of becoming obese.
Within 30 years, fast food restaurants have more than doubled nationwide. Experts say because of this the number of kids that eat fast food has gone up five times. Kids that do not eat fruits and vegetables can become obese and also develop health issues. Such health issues include diabetes, obesity, and cancer. A lot more people need to be aware of the health issues fast food causes.
Eating fast once in awhile can’t hurt you, but eating too much of it can cause serious problems. Fast food contains too many calories, salt and artery, and clogging cholesterol. In 1967, the FDA conducted 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006, the FDA only conducted 9,164. Many big name fast food companies need something to kill off the major diseases in the processed food, so they use ammonia, which is also found in bleach.
The average McDonald’s meal has 1,680 calories. For example a Big Mac has 563 calories, medium fries have 384 calories and a medium vanilla shake has 733 calories. Kids visit McDonalds 90 percent on monthly basis. They don’t notice how much calories they put into their bodies every time they have a meal at McDonalds. Kids need to be more aware to eat fruits and vegetables more often.
People from all ages should have to maintain a healthy weight. Many people that are overweight increase their risks of having high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, heart diseases, and other illnesses. Fast Food use was reported by 37 percent of the adults and 42 percent of the children. The adults and children that reported eating fast food...

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