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Fast Food And Children Essay

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Fast food is indeed a convenient and delicious meal for busy families. However, when the consumption is not monitored, it can lead to health problems such as obesity especially in children and adolescents. In two different articles about how fast food causes teens to become obese and unhealthy, the authors claims different opinions; “McDonald’s is to be Blamed” in article 1, and “Parents are Responsible” for their children’s health and eating habits in article 2. Despite how unhealthy fast food is, after comparing both articles, I believe that parents should take responsibility when it comes to children and fast food; such as teaching their children healthy eating habits and substituting ...view middle of the document...

Considering that his mom’s reaction was delayed, this shows that she was not attentive to Gregory’s health, which is irresponsible.
In the second article, the author Daniel Weintraub claims that “parents are to blame if they let their kids eat unhealthy food”. Weintraub makes a point that instead of parents having their children “eat unhealthy food and sit in front of the television or computer for hours” they should be “teaching healthy eating and exercise habits” to their children. In addition, “parents to take responsibility to protect their children from unhealthy foods and lack of exercise”. With such a busy schedule that parents have, they don’t have time to make a home cooked meal or teach their kids to exercise; so they pick up fast food which is more convenient for their schedule.
Parents are the key to preventing obesity in their children and teenagers, “parents-not the fast food companies, not the government-are in the best position to fight the epidemic of...

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