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Fast Food And Its Effect Essay

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Fast food raises a great number of disputes, contradictions and viewpoints of its negative effect on population. Researchers argue that fast food nutrition lead inevitably to increased child and adult obesity, a number of serious diseases, to mental problems and decreased interest in sport activities. Why do people like fast food? The answer is simple: fast food is provided with tasty elements that make people eat mainly junk food. Eating patterns have changes leading the nation to degradations in such a way.
Fast food nutrition is argued to be a cause of a great number of diseases. Firstly, fast food may cause atherosclerosis because of large amounts of cholesterol and fat substances. They threat human arterial health. It means the more people eat junk food, the less oxygen may reach their cells. It threatens blood clots and may cause bleeding. Secondly, fast food may lead to hypertension being one of the widespread problems ...view middle of the document...

Finally, fast food nutrition may cause precedents of cancer disease because of “poor-nutrition building blocks for cancer”. Fatty liver deposits, liver dysfunction, heart attacks and some other diseases are the results of unhealthy food.
Fast food nutrition is the primary cause of child and adult obesity not only in the USA, but in the rest of the world. It is one of the most serious challenges of modernity – increased obesity rates. Fast food is not the only cause of obesity, but it is a big part of it. Statistics show that visiting fast food restaurants every week results in 4-5kg of overweight. Unhealthy ingredients, less vitamins and minerals and increased amounts of fat may cause obesity and overweight. Fast food contains high sugar amounts. Larger portion sizes and low cost contribute increased obesity rates. The average person eats two times more in fast food restaurant than in traditional food restaurant.
When I came to the USA as a high school student, I was just 60kg, normal weight, strong and smart. For the year I was been eating fast food as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. I can’t even explain exact reasons of my choice – maybe lack of time or tasty food. The result was shocking for me – 80kg. My friends were surprised of such weight change as well. Of course, now I have to devote more time to physical activities and do understand that fast food nutrition leads to overweight. I felt even slight health problems with increased weight. Thus, I decided to visit only traditional food restaurants to decrease my weight and to promote healthy lifestyle. I see how easy to put on weight and how difficult to lose it.
In conclusion, despite being tasty fast food nutrition leads to increased obesity problems and a number of health problems. Statistics show strong relation between increased obesity and visiting fast food restaurants. Heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and liver dysfunction – all these diseases may be caused by fast food nutrition. More attention should be paid to promoting healthy lifestyle, sports and physical activities, traditional food patterns, and healthy eating. Fast food lowers energetic level and leads to mood swings.

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