Fast Food And Obesity: Are Ae Taking It Too Far?

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There’s no surprise that there is an obesity problem in America. Food is in all places that we happen to look; provoking you through the television commercials, calling out to you through advertisements, and coupons in the paper (Taylor, 2011). There is no way to get away from the never ending advertisements from fast food restaurants like; McDonalds, Wendy’s, Sonic, Braum’s, Pizza Hut, etc. These places are where obesity initiates; overwhelming your body with more food servings than it needs.
People are also overweight due to the lack of exercise; there is more time spent sitting on the sofa in front of the television watching shows, or playing games, than there is in the gym of just being ...view middle of the document...

Applicable as they are, these meals cover basically no nutrients. They are made up of generally saturated fats and distinguished carbohydrates and are crammed full of sodium and sugar. The usual adult shouldn’t have more than sixty-five grams of fat and 2000 calories. Eating one meal at a fast food restaurant can bring someone right up to or just below 1500 calories, which is almost enough to fill someone’s fat and calorie consumption for the day (Muntel, 2014).
Scientists report that student applicants who stops at fast food restaurants twice a week of more gained ten pounds and experienced twice the increase in insulin conflict equaled to participants who visited these places less than once a week (Clinical Digest, 2012). So if people would understand the hazards that these foods force on their well-being, why don’t they stop eating at restaurants? The solution is very simple; these foods tributes the lifestyle they have. Most people eat on the go, so the drive thru’s and fast service is calling on them as the easiest resolution. This fast food business has just had to face the allegations of being a big supplier to the obesity problems and had been sued by several individuals. These people claimed that they had no idea this lifestyle would result to their overweight since the business never revealed that their food may be unhealthy (Renee, 2014). This condition seems greatly improbable; since it is only common sense to those high calorie foods lead to weight gain. Yet, the fast food corporations have since added “healthy”, replacements to their menu. The critics say that this is not enough, and will endure to contest over these super-sized meals.
Another enormous factor in obesity is that it is affecting children at a very young age. The problem of youthful obesity in the United States has developed significantly in recent years. Between sixteen and thirty-three percent of children and teenagers are obese. Obesity is one of the easiest health conditions to identify but the most challenging to get by. Overweight children are much more probable to overweight adults unless they accept and uphold healthier arrangements of eating and exercise (Allen, KN, Taylor, and Kuiper, 2007). The biggest worry with children is the quantity of contact they get into these bad eating habits. Their busy parents use drive thru’s as a speedy meal, and as a prize for good behavior (Hirth, Jacqueline, Rahman, and Berenson, 2011). Their lessons show children that these meals are to be earned and give them a sustaining feeling while eating them. This helps progress a mental connection that makes children feel more reliant on this food. Public schools are also getting the blame for having fast food restaurants inside of their...

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