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Each student was to visit two different fast-food restaurants that make hamburgers and give a report on the production process. The 2 different fast-food restaurants that one visited to observe the making of hamburgers were McDonald's and Jack in the Box. The results were quite different after each observation was conducted (Aquilano, Chase, Jacobs, 2006).The McDonald's restaurant was the first visit. As soon as one walks through the doors, one can see that the production process in this establishment was very organized in watching each individual going about and doing each of his or her job duties repetitively. The first person that one encountered was the clerk who took the order from the customer. He or she would ring in the order into the register which would show up on a screen behind the counter where another clerk would gather up the items to make the order complete. If there were no appropriate items in the bin, he or she would communicate with another individual who was the cook to prepare such item. Within seconds, the clerk would receive the item that was requested from the cook. The clerk would then bag the items and present them to the customer. The production process of each individual at this McDonald's restaurant resembled an automobile factory assembly line. Each individual knew exactly what he or she was to do in getting the customer's order fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner.The next stop was, the Jack in the Box restaurant. As soon as one stepped into the door, one could immediately see chaos in the restaurant. Many customers were waiting for their orders, clerks behind the counter were going in every different direction trying to get out of each other's way and the eating area in the restaurant was untidy. One would step up to the counter to place his or her order and would have to repeat the order 2 times to the clerk because he or she could not hear the customer's order due to the noise from the crew in the back. The clerk who was alone at the register, decided to take all the customers' orders first, and then tries to fill all of them after no customer was left in line. The clerk immediately started to try to fill the orders. The clerk was frantically running around to fill each order, having orders being partially filled and left in bags on the counter. The clerk was going back and forth to the back then returning to the front of the restaurant checking each bag to see what was inside. After the clerk filled some of the customers' orders and handing them out, some customers' were getting irate because he or she had ordered earlier on and still had not received his or her order. Food was getting cold after being left on the counter. The food should have been left on the back counter where the lights could keep the food warm. Unfortunately, in this establishment the production process was nowhere to be found.In each scenario, the customers' expectation for the service and product is where one would expect the items...

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