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Fast Food In Relation To Obesity

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Some people see fast food as the cause of obesity, whereas some see obesity as the cause of an individual choosing to eat unhealthy food, given them full responsibility for their dietary choices. Fast food is seen as one of the cheaper ways of eating compared to buying healthy food from the local supermarket. In the last few years, obesity rates have been on a rise. Obesity affects everyone ranging from young children to adults. An individual does have responsibility for their dietary choices, but perhaps they cannot afford the expensive prices of healthier foods, so they have to turn to fast foods as a cheaper unhealthy way of eating. In my opinion, fast food is to blame for the rise in obesity because of the cheap prices, their locations, especially in low income neighborhoods, and poor advertising.
Fast food chains attract thousands of consumers a day and continue to serve unhealthy food that is bad for the body. Frequent consumption of fast food can lead to serious health problems for the body. Obesity is associated with high blood sugar or diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke and disease (Rodrigo). Fast food contains high sugar count, salt, and many calories per meal, which are the causes for these different health problems and for obesity. For the majority of the time people are taking in more calories a day then they are burning. If you look at the Big Mac combo total calories from McDonalds, you would see that it contains 920 calories, and on average, a person should only eat around 1800 calories a day ( If a person ate two fast food meals a day on average they would be over their total calorie intake allowances.
Obesity does not only cause health problems but it can also cause physical and mental problems for a person. An obese child for example may lack self-confidence or self- esteem and feel as if they are being bullied. Having lack of self-esteem and self-confidence can cause a child or person to lack social skills, not participate in activities and could lead to emotional problems for a young child. They may feel this way because of the way the world presents body images and what is considered pretty and what is considered ugly. Usually an obese child turns into an obese adult because they turn to unhealthy junk food as a way of coping with their problems (Zinczenko). These emotional and physical problems and easy access to unhealthy fast food can cause a person to live an unstable life (Rodrigo).
Fast food’s main purpose is to serve unhealthy food in a convenient way at very cheap prices. On a busy day, a parent may swing through the drive through of a restaurant and pick up dinner because they do not have time to make dinner at home. In an article, “Current Mapping Of Obesity”, written by Perez Rodrigo, an author from Spain, he says, “Between 1980- and 2008 obesity has almost doubled worldwide”. He also states, “In low income places obesity is more prevalent and 50 percent of women are...

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