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Fast Food...Is It Healthy? Essay

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Imagine you are in Texas. You're walking down the street when suddenly, you begin to feel hungry. You see many fast food restaurants around you, but you just don't know which one to pick. You decide on McDonald's and walk in. You think nothing of it, only that you are getting some food because you are hungry. What you don't know, is that you are risking your health in many ways. That Fillet-O-Fish you just had? It's packed with over 400 calories, and 18 grams of fat. You could be in risk of heart disease, weight gain, and/or hypertension.
According to the movie “Super size Me” , since the 1980's, the amount of people overweight in the United States has doubled, almost 100,000,000 on average are obese. The main reason, experts believe, is caused by people constantly eating at fast food restaurants. That's just how Americans live! Almost ¼ of all Americans eat fast food,and sped almost $920 a year while doing it. So fast food is not only unhealthy, but expensive. The United States is said to be one of the most fattest countries in the world, with Texas being one of the top obese cities. It's no wonder fast food places have to keep making more restaurants; so we can live up to our name! Manhattan also has the most McDonald's then everywhere else in the world. It's not only McDonald's fault for the recent obesity levels, though.. we can't forget good ole' KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Burger King, just to name a few.
The main reason more and more people are going to these fast food chains more than ever, are because they were raised as a kid to go to these places. McDonald's is known for the most appeal to children, with their toys, Happy Meals, and play areas inside the restaurant. Kids are their big buyers, and will be when those kids become adults. The amount of overweight kids has doubled more than anything else in the past 20-25 years. Kids see things on TV, computer, everywhere, and automatically want to get a bite of that yummy food. You know...

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