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Fast Food Is Killing America Essay

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In a world where speed, convenience, and technology govern our society, the fast food industry has become a prominent component in today’s culture. By adding worldwide initiatives and markets, the fast food industry as a whole has expanded its territory globally. Just as the demand has increased globally, it has also increased here in America. It seems that there is a fast food restaurant on every street corner flashing a new can’t-miss-deal. Though the fast food industry is popular, it may not be the best option for food. Some question whether certain fast food chains are even healthy enough to eat from altogether. There are many speculations on where the food comes from and the ...view middle of the document...

They rarerly consider where this food came from, how it was made, what it is doing to the community around them (10). Knowing this the industry has no motivation to incorporate healthier meal options in their menu. People like the fast food and don’t realize the negative effects that fast food have on their bodies. The entertainment industry has such a strong influence on the public and these industries are taking full advantage of that. These ads and commercials offer a false perception of fullness and satisfaction. By doing this the industry has successfully convinced the public that eating their food is the better and convenient thing to do. They use commercials and ads to appeal to the public’s emotions. This is why every commercial show a happy couple, children playing, and people enjoying their selves. These methods have been very successful and the fast food industry will continue to use them in order to draw as much customers as possible. Customers are lured in by this sense of happiness and fullness that the industry is portraying and fall right into this dangerous trap. Americans need to reclaim control and break free from the trap set by the fast food industry. People need to become aware of the false impressions being portrayed by these restaurants. They need to know by eating these meals they are chasing pipe dreams and empty promises that will later cause negative effects on their lives.
Contrary to the false sense of joy the fast food industry spends so much money to portray; is the dark and hidden side to how and where they get their meats. The inhumane treatment of animals through modern meat farming practices should be a concern for fast food consumers. If people knew the horrific and unsanitary conditions the meat in their delicious hamburger came from they probably would not buy or enjoy a Big Mac or Whopper as much as they do now. The high demand of meat placed on the meat packing companies by the fast food industry has caused the meat industry to change the way meat are slaughtered and processed. The quality of meat being sold is no longer much of a concern for this industry and food safety is not placed as a priority on their quality list because faster methods are needed to slaughter the meat being sold. According to Eric Schlosser in Fast Food Nation, “Twenty years ago, new plants in the High Plains slaughtered about 175 cattle an hour. Today some plants slaughter up to 400 cattle an hour-about half a dozen animals every minute, sent down a production line, carved by workers desperate not to fall behind” (133). The high demand for meat has resulted in the cruel slaughter of animals. In the book Slaughterhouse, IBP meat packing company which is now owned by Tyson foods was exposed by workers for violating the slaughterhouse act causing a massive investigation in early 2000 (Eisnitz 295).
According to Eisnitz,
Employees signed sworn affidavits describing how, they had been forced to skin and dismember hundreds of...

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