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Fast Food Restaurants And Food Processing Companies Are The Ghost Murderer Of Society

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The study is to show how the food industry and the fast-food restaurants dictate the laws of the feeding process through the manipulation of people and governments. Nowadays, the food industry calls all the shots of the game and kills little by little the American society and the animal race. The idea is to prove this hidden reality by explaining the process of the fast food restaurants, including their organization, and prove the damages on the human body, either psychologically nor physiologically. Indeed, the fast food restaurants work in cooperation with the food-processing industry, which produces, delivers and fixes the price over the market. But this intensive activity is possible because of the unethical behaviors of the companies ready to do anything to make money: increase the productivity of each living species, including ill-treatments of animals and genetic modification of plants, decrease the costs of production, and increase the seizure of power over Mother Nature. In this context, this research paper leads to the conclusion that everybody is weak in front of the money power bred by the present society. Nevertheless, some people try to fight again this limitless power in the USA with the rapid expansion of the organic food market in the USA but also the interest of famous gastronomic cookers to build restaurants in the USA to answer the demand of high social class. Unfortunately, this is just the start of the food-industry’s revival and it will take a long time to dominate this living hell.

The society of the last and present century is composed of busy and in a hurry people. Priority has been given to the work, helped by the philosophy of the American dream: hard work, prosperity and success. In this context, there is to time to have a great lifestyle: no time to carry of the children, no time to relax, hard economic times. And the results of this operation are to save time and money. Finally, the fast-food restaurants and the food industry understood the needs of the population and gave people the great solution: huge amount of food for huge demand. People’s days are ruled by lunch times and they are 4 in all-day: the breakfast, the lunch, the tea time and the dinner. In this context, eating has become a priority to people and they need services to help them to eat quick and efficiently. Unfortunately, all the time saved during the last fifty years is not a gain: food-processing companies have engineered the food people eat by adding industrial components which act as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancers and liver damages accelerators with at the end: the death. Nowadays, the food industry calls all the shots of the game and kills little by little the American society and the animal race.

Since 1920, the fast-foods are a huge empire which reign supreme in the food and drink industry. Everything started in 1930 when it launches the Drive service to reduce the costs of the company by firing employees and...

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