Fast Food Restaurants Aren’t To Blame For Obesity

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In the 21st century, obesity has become a big problem. In fact, 35.7% of adults, 16.9% of kids, and 30.4% of preschoolers are obese in the U.S.! These numbers are still rising and many people are blaming fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants aren’t the ones to be blamed for obesity; people are.
One reason people eat fast food so much is because our bodies crave sugar, fat, and salt. Food companies use sugar, fat, and salt to get people to buy their products. Eating these unhealthy products on a regular basis can lead to an unhealthy diet (Kessler 27). People become obese by getting trapped in a cycle of overeating by having this unhealthy diet (Kessler 122).
The overeating cycle starts off with food cues. Food cues are places, smells, advertisements, memories, and emotions. Food cues trigger the reward center in the brain. The person then starts to crave the food or drink by the reward center. They may try to resist but will eventually give in. The reward is when the person eats. The cycle is triggered again the next time the person is exposed to food cues. Every time the brain’s response is strengthened. The cycle is a deeply fixed habit a few cycles later. The habit then becomes automatic. During this habit, real biological changes take place in the person’s body. They become trapped in an overeating cycle. One high-level food industry executive worker said, “Higher sugar, fat, and salt make you want to eat more. The food industry tries to hit the “three points of the compass”’(Kessler 26). Our food is designed to turn us into endless eaters. It is also designed with chemical flavors to make it hard to resist. These chemicals are in almost all processed food (Kessler 91). For example, a frozen chocolate drink has a chocolate flavor that explodes on your tongue. It has very little cocoa powder, a form of chocolate. The drink gets its taste from a lot of different chemicals (Kessler 92).
Many people enjoy fast food restaurants. The top 5 reasons are as follow:
92.3% of people say fast food is quick.
80.1% of people say they’re easy to get.
69.2% of people think fast food has a good taste.
63.6% of people like fast food because it’s inexpensive.
53.2% of people say they are too busy to cook (Hitti).
All-American food is a mainstay for 25% of the U.S....

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