Fast Food: To Blame For The Obesity Epidemic?

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“This year Americans will spend over $110 billion on fast food more than they'll spend on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music combined.” (Fast Food Nation, 2002). Everyone knows that fast food is bad for you, but millions of people continue to eat it. McDonalds, arguably one of the most successful and well-known restaurants, has stores in 113 different countries and has opened almost 34,000 locations around the world. Why is it that they have managed to obtain this much success? It is common knowledge that fast food is incredibly unhealthy, yet people seem indifferent to the harm they are doing to their bodies. Fast food is not only unhealthy; it can be deadly, contributing highly to heart disease and stroke cases across America. Fast food is a combination of substances that are okay to eat in moderation, but incredibly harmful when eaten all the time. Fast food is harmful due to the high fat content of most items on the menu, the sodium content, and the sugar content.
The large big mac combo meal is advertised as a smart and money-conscientious decision, but is it really? Yes, money is saved, but at what cost. The fat in one big mac meal is equal to 83% of the recommended daily intake. The calories in a big mac meal are equal to 66% of your daily intake, and the fat makes up many of those calories. Unless someone was preparing for a marathon, it is hard to see why anyone would consume more than just one of these a day, but they do. Across America, thousands of people eat McDonalds or other fast food restaurants for nearly every meal. This is not only doing a number on their weight, but their hearts as well. A big contributor to high blood pressure is sodium and boy, does fast food have a lot of that.
Sodium is a mineral everyone needs in small amounts, but when eating fast food it is too easy to get much more than the recommended intake of sodium. Sodium is a big factor in heart disease and diets high in sodium and sugar often lead to conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. “In its 2005 study, the Canadian research team noted that regions high in fast food restaurant density are 2.52 times more likely to be extremely high in all-cause mortality.” (Lee, 2012). This is an alarming statistic, and yet the consumer has done nothing to express their displeasure with the content of the...

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