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Fast Food Versus Home Cooked Meals

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Fast food or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Usually, it is sold in a restaurant and ready for take-away. On the other hand, home cooked meals are prepared by us at home. There are several aspects that can be compared between fast food and home cooked meals.

There are some distinct similarities between the two. The first similarity is that both of them provide a variety of choices. There are a number of food selections available in restaurants such as salads, burgers, chicken chop and many more. Whereas for home cooked ...view middle of the document...

Although there are a number of similarities between the two types of food, they also differ from each other. Fast food is generally high in calories and is more fattening since oil is frequently used in the cooking process. In contrast, the fat content can be controlled in home cooking. When we cook, we can choose alternative ways of cooking such as grilling, boiling or baking instead of frying. We can also use better ingredients to cut down on our calories intake like margarine rather than butter, corn oil rather than palm oil and milk rather than coconut milk.

These two types of food can also be compared in term of the amount of time that each takes. Fast food is obviously quick since the menus are limited and is prepared by a number of staff. On the contrary, home cooked meals take longer to complete as one person is usually responsible for the entire meal. Nevertheless, convenience is also one of the aspects to compare between the two. Fast food is ready made and always available even by delivery. However, home cooked meals are not instant and we have to tidy up our kitchen and all the utensils when cooking is done.

In a gist of this, fast food can be a savior during the busy week, but a full home cooked meal over the weekend is a good way to balance things out and ensure some quality family time. Home cooked meals can also be quick if we can get various family members to help prepare a great meal. Personally, I prefer home cooked meal because it reflects the images of family setting, fresh food, warmth, love and healthy eating.

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