Faster, Better, Stronger Gmo Humans

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In 1859, Charles Darwin, the author of On The Origin of Species, introduced the public the theory of evolution, which describes the change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift (”Evolution”). Through this slow and gradual process, Homo sapiens, the first modern human, came to existance. This happened roughly 200,000 years ago (”Homo Sapiens”). Evolution is a natural process, but what if we, as the products of this marvel, could unnaturalize the process and redesign the future of our species. This transformation would take place through genetic engineering, which by definition is the deliberate modification of the ...view middle of the document...

While disposing of faulty plants can be done effortlessly, the same does not hold for humans. To illustrate, by an accident we could harm innocent unborn children, who would suffer from our experimentation due to no fault of their own. In addition, genetic engineering would most likely be a chargeable service, and therefore it would be a privilige solely for the richer population. This could lead to a genetic class society, where the rich not only become richer, but smarter and stronger as well, posing an insurmountable competitional hurdle for the lower class to overcome.

However, owing to being more intellectual, the same people could make monumental scientific discoveries such as finding a cure for cancer or come up with a way to purify impotable water. To add to the benefits, we would also be able to remedy genetic disorders and hereditary illnesses (Pray, 2008). In our current society, people strive to be intelligent, athletic and beautiful. A large portion of these attributes is innate and determined by our genes, which we did not elect. Because the unborn children have no authority over the matter anyway, the notion that revamping their genepool would infringe their free will...

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