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Faster Than Fast Essay

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The Faster than Fast

My hero is my guitar teacher Rocco Calipari because he is a great guitar player who helps me with any troubles on my guitar. He has many things that he has accomplished, along with being the best guitar teacher ever. Have you ever met one of the fast pickers in California?

My hero is named Rocco. He is in the band the “Head Honchos”, they play a lot of blues/rock/rhythm. He has a dad whose is the singer in his band. Rocco is head guitar and plays all of the riffs, but his dad plays just some chords during the songs. He has played at many gigs even some in New York (not like times square big, but out there). They are even on iTunes if you look. He inspired me that I can do anything he has done so many things for me it is incredible. Once he made time for me just to let me pick out my guitar, which was really nice of him.

Also, there are some pretty cool things that he has only done for me like he taught me how to play behind my back and behind my head. Which I probably couldn’t do without him. He does play his guitar behind his head (Sometimes) at gigs. He has
Gregar-skillman 2
also accomplished an amazing feat of picking he is one of the fastest guitar pickers in California when he was at music school. His guitar is the instrument of choice and he is some information on them.
Second, Guitars are masterpieces of equipment there are many types of guitar like the spanish guitar and others. You probably didn’t know where electric guitars started do you? Acoustic guitars were started before electric. They are made by hollowing out a piece of wood and they pick the different wood to have different sounds, but this isn’t about acoustic guitars it is about electric.
The some of the first guitars ever made where solid body guitars, the weren’t hollow. The electrical system was based from a telephone inner parts using the wires just like the telephone because it can transmit sound. Beauchamp had created the first guitar which they called the “Frying pan” because of its shape. Him and Adolf Rickenbacher started a company which became the worlds famous Rickenbacher company. In 1956 Adolf Rickenbacher introduced the first type of guitar called the combo 400 which is very similar to what we have today. The combo 400 consisted of the neck attached the body guitar and the fret board go across it allowing to have more frets.
No one knows where the European guitars came from or how they started. Les Paul started making guitars by hand and this made them cheaper and lighter. With the early guitars they had different setting, but most of the had a jazz/rhythm which they still do today. Later on they made pickup called hum bucklers they do what they say. They have a special wrapped coil inside of it and thus, getting rid of the unwanted hum
Gregar-skillman 3
or feedback. then Gibson in the 1960’s introduced these pickups to their line of les
paul. Most of...

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