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Weight Loss And A Well Balanced Diet

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Weight Loss and a Well Balanced Diet

When choosing a diet, more than just weight loss should be considered. In addition, other health factors should be looked at as well. The Atkins diet, being a low carbohydrate diet, does not take into account factors other than weight loss and puts participating subjects at risk for long and short-term health problems. In contrast, the most healthy and effective way of losing weight is to reduce fat and simple carbohydrate intake. Instead, a healthful diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, and good proteins, to include fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and legumes. By eating these foods that are low in fat and simple carbohydrates, weight loss, healthy circulation, and overall health can be achieved.

Diets consisting of a balance between complex carbohydrates and good proteins bring the best results in weight loss, despite a slower result than low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet. Weight loss is accomplished by burning more calories than one consumes. With regards to calories, there are two approaches between the two diets being examined that lead to weight loss. The logic behind the Atkins diet is that by eating fewer carbohydrates, insulin levels remain at a steadier degree and cravings are subsided, thereby causing people to consume fewer calories and in turn lose weight. Despite the loss in weight however, the substitutes for these simple carbohydrates recommended by the Atkins diet are high fat, high protein foods such as butter, cheese, and meats. These foods although when eaten exclusively can lead to weight loss, there are other health problems associated with this method of dieting. An alternative to substituting simple carbohydrates with high fat, high protein foods is substituting them with complex carbohydrates to achieve the same result. Complex carbohydrates consist of foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates have a high level of fiber, which causes a slower absorption of the food, thereby achieving fullness at a low intake of calories. As mentioned before, consuming fewer calories than are burned results in weight loss.

As both of these diets achieve the goal of weight loss in subsiding cravings and consuming fewer calories, the Atkins diet has many more health risks associated with it than a low fat diet. One of these risks is blood flow to the heart being slowed in...

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