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Fat Or Fit It Is Your Choice!

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Obesity in United States has been increased for the last 10 years. Fast foods and restaurants not only had effect on this problem, but it also turn out to be that they were the major causes of obesity. The photographer, Dina Goldstein, and the author of the article, Jennifer B. Marks have some differences with in similarities on the use the appeals. Even though both the author of the article and the photographer uses pathos to send the same message to the consumers about obesity, the photographer uses pathos as in a sense of fear and sadness on the image to show the cause and effect of where as the author uses pathos in a way of encouragement and empathy over the consumers.
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The photographer uses pathos technique to scare the observers and warn them to stay away from those foods.
On the article, the author uses pathos techniques but in different way. The author, Jennifer B. Marks, says on the article “The poor may be especially hard hit; grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods may be poorly stocked with healthy fruits and vegetables, and such neighborhoods may not be safe enough to get out and walk around in. In addition, people from all economic backgrounds often eat for social, cultural, and emotional reasons—not just for hunger.” The author explains that being poor is also has effect on obesity. If a person lives in a poor neighborhood, the supermarket or fast-food that is around the poor neighborhood most likely contains all the non-healthy food. So people in poverty have no choice but to shop with what money they have regardless of the condition of the food. Jennifer mentions that the poor people would then get hurt their health because the grocery stores in poor neighborhood do not contain any healthy foods. The author use pathos technique to show empathy over the poor people who has been affected.
Jennifer B. Marks, the author of the article, uses pathos not only as empathy over the people in poverty but also uses pathos techniques as an encouragement over the fat people who have been eating unhealthy food. The author uses pathos to encourage the poor people that this problem can be fixed rather. If a person gains weight which is because the neighborhood fast foods or supermarket do not provide healthy food, the person has a choice to make in order to have healthy life. The author mentions that “organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) are mounting increased educational efforts to fight the growing epidemic of obesity in this country. What can...

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