Fat Tax: A Tax For A Healthier America

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In the past 60 to 70 years the fast food industry has been one of America’s bittersweet phenomenons. Its the foods that people undeniably crave served all in the matter of minutes at a beyond reasonable low cost, sounds almost too good to be true. With 60 million Americans served fast food everyday its safe to say its very enticing ( “Fast food statistics”, 2014). All the deliciousness aside, most rational individuals are aware of the underlying immoral results from frequent consumption of fast food. Giving way to the cliche, fitting perfect for fast food supporters, “Everything is good in moderation.” With all the recents cutbacks and reforms towards child obesity, currently one of the ...view middle of the document...

This report doesn't include the benefits from the reduced incidences of strokes, diabetes and other obesity related illnesses which could in fact increase this number (Pettinger Tejvan, 2007). Just take the cigarette tax for instance, the raise of tax on cigarettes increased the cost by 50 percent (Kalaidis Jen, 2013). In current times less than 20 percent of Americans smoke cigarettes regularly compared to 42 percent back in the 1960s (Kalaidis Jen, 2013). This is the same concept for a tax on fast food since it would encourage a healthier life styles which benefits just about everyone because not only would health care expense be lower but we would have an overall more fit America. Obesity related diseases cost the united states around $75 billion dollars in heath care (Pettinger Tejvan, 2007). Medical costs, Loss of productivity at work and premature death are just three of the negative externalities that obesity costs (Pettinger Tejvan, 2007). Fast food brings in a revenue of $110 Billion annually (“Fast food statistics”, 2014). A Tax on this increase government tax revenue tremendously. To raise tax on fast food is clearly the morally better choice but thats not even the most influential reason to indeed introduce this tax. The numbers are undeniable that this tax could potentially prevent obesity related diseases which saves money for health care, but also increases the government tax revenue which in essences could build towards lowering our national debt.
Not everyone agrees with a possible tax on fast foods, besides the obvious billionaire owners themselves, many lower class citizens oppose this idea. The successful business men who provide for people want are the clear people who are negatively affected by a possible tax (Messerli Joe, 2011). The larger concern is with such low costs of foods fast food restaurants are susceptible to many lower class citizens who are essentially the victims. This tax increase could easily be directed to be a problem for the poor. For an individual with an income on $20,000 the burden is 10 times worse than an individual with an income of $100,000 (Kalaidis Jen, 2013). Many opposers believe that a tax wont stop people from eating fast food and is just another government scheme to receive more tax revenue. Not only the but...

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