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Fat Taxes Are Not The Answer

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Fat Taxes Are Not The Answer
Although Fat taxes could discourage consumers from eating foods that aren't good for them, they should not be implemented. Making citizens pay unnecessary taxes is most definitely not the answer. Reality is that obesity can be caused by many different factors other than the consumption of unhealthy foods. Factors such as genetics, mental health, lack of exercise and poor portion control, play a far more important part in maintaining a healthy weight. Therefore, losing weight is an individual process that can’t be tackled with such a simplistic approach.
Fat Taxes Policy
Fat taxes are simply taxes implemented on any foods or drinks the government considers unhealthy, and whose consumption is related to the current rising rates of obesity. To the government this policy seems brilliant, but although Fat taxes may have the potential to assist the economy and discourage some consumers from eating unhealthy foods, they simply will not fix the real problem, due to its “one size fits all” nature.
As a recent journal from Clark Dittrich (2010) sustains, “Taxes to reduce obesity and promote healthy outcomes will result in a catastrophe due to the fact that obesity results from compound interactions between nutrients rather than from a particular nutrient and they may interact differently depending on when, how and which individual consumes them.” Then, there is not doubt; losing weight is an individual process. Obesity simply means having too much body fat in your body and as we know there can be over 100 different factors that influences how much we weight. Most neglected factors include: genetics, metabolic rate and lifestyle. What we eat, how much we eat and how often we eat is influenced by our current environment, mental state, and physical condition. Therefore, in order for any government policy to work the government would have to conduct years of extensive research and consider every single factor that can possibly affect our weight as human beings, instead of offering such a simplistic “solution”. Furthermore, while it would be really easy to implement these taxes, there is no doubt; Fat taxes would result in a disaster. Merely, obesity is a complex issue that needs to be addressed differently. Promoting portion control, lifestyle changes and exercise would be a far more effective way of combating obesity, than making hard working Americans pay additional pointless taxes.
Another Sin Tax
Yes, Fat taxes are basically the government’s attempt to make profit while censuring and governing our choices. In the journal of legal medicine “Fat Taxes: The Newest Manifestation Of Age-Old Excise Tax,” Creighton (2010) points out that “ The ability to tax should not be used to bring total social change in a free society.” Currently, we pay taxes on alcohol and tobacco products on what the government calls “an attempt” to discourage individuals from participating in such activities, but as we do individuals still do. The reality...

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