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The Role Fate Plays In Shakespeare's Romeo And Julite

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“What's meant to be will always find a way,” claimed Trisha Yearwood on the theme of fate. “Romeo and Juliet” was undoubtedly one of the most well-known romantic tragedies written by William Shakespeare. It centred around two lovers from feuding families, who take their own lives. Their deaths ironically created an atmosphere where their love could freely flourish for it reconciled the two families. We were introduced to the play by a prologue that concretely mentions Fate’s influence on the course of the story. Attempting to antagonize destiny had proven to have been pointless throughout the tragedy. The greatest land mine prepared by Fate on Romeo and Juliet was the sudden plague in Mantua which triggered the finishing bombs to relentlessly explode, leaving not a single drop of hope in their lives. The cruise of Romeo and Juliet’s lives had never been theirs to decide from the beginning. They were merely little sailboats blown across the waters by a completely overwhelming force—Fate.

The Shakespearean sonnet established by the Chorus in the prologue precisely implied the extensive role Fate is playing on “Romeo and Juliet”. From the very start, the playwright informed us of Fate’s existence. It made the audience consider the extent Fate is going to meddle with the flow of the story. It caused the audience to wish that the words in the prologue would be twisted to form a much joyous end. However, in the end, the “pair of star-cross’d lovers” slid down their heartless doom. Everything stated in the Chorus, stayed true throughout the play. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet did “bury their parents’ strife”. It had all went thoroughly according to Fate’s desire. In “Romeo and Juliet”, William Shakespeare delivered the audience the idea that what is destined to be will never sway. Over and over again, Fate would always find a way to fulfil its goal. After Juliet has been taken away by the Nurse from Romeo at the Capulet’s annual ball in the last scene of the first act, Fate (or what Romeo had thought to be Love—“By love, who first did prompt me to inquire; / He lent me counsel and I lent him eyes.”) knew their passion was not strong enough, so it led Romeo to Juliet’s balcony for them to meet again; giving them more time to express their desires for one another. It was done to advance Fate’s scheme of getting them married, and within no more than three hours break their happiness right in front of their very eyes. What had already been written in the stars would be impossible to erase and be rewritten. The fulfilment of the Chorus, even with the eager prayers of the characters, highly credits Fate’s clever ways. Through Fate, Romeo and Juliet met, fell in love, were separated, and were ultimately led to their deaths. All of this tragic drama was for their families to join hands and end their feud. Was resisting this Fate set from the very beginning even an option? Efforts to escape the boundless arms of Fate were evident to have been futile.


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