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Father And Son Essay

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In the story father and son who do you feel more sympathy for.

This story is set in Northern Ireland about a Father and a son in
which recently the mother and wife has died. The son moves temporarily
to London but his dad brings him back after what seems to be trouble
with drugs. The father and son do not get along with each other the
father tries to get his sons respect but doesn't succeed. At the end
the son is killed and the story is left there leaving us with the
suspicion of who killed him.

The son's relationship with his father is a very poor one. At the
start of the story we see that he avoids speaking to his father by
pretending to be asleep. "I will sleep for him". The son is angry with
his father for taking him away from London. During the sons stay in
Londonhe got into trouble with drugs it's almost as if he blames his
father for his mother's death. The son rejects ignores and shuts out
his father. The son gives the easiest and quickest answers to his
father so he doesn't have to speak to him. He is very secretive
towards his father. We learn that the son has been in trouble with
drugs from the quotes "Look I haven't touched the stuff since I got

The Son doesn't think that his father can take care of himself. The
son is disgusted how his father depends on Valium a prescription drug
he is on.

"A breakfast of two Valium and the rest of them rattling in your

The Father loves his son but can't seem to get his son to love him.
They used to get on well when the mother was still alive but the death
blew their relationship apart. The father worries about his son. As
his son has been in trouble he had to help him out of it. The father
wants his son to love him again "My son is breaking my heart".

The father tries his best for his son but in some cases he can't
understand that it isn't his son's fault that he's gone downhill in
life. The father just thinks...

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