Father And Son, Exit Stage Left; A Comparison And Contrast Of Tom And His Father

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a character driven play, which follows Tom’s recollection of his dysfunctional family. Throughout the story Tom pursues a since of freedom and his mother, Amanda, pursues stability for her daughter but the daughter, Laura, herself is more concerned with keeping the peace in her family. While Laura doesn’t want to fall into hardships without the support of her brother and mother, she can’t seem to find the courage and confidence to ascend from her imaginary world that she has created to cope with life. Tom and Amanda are never really on the same page. Making matters worse is the fact that Amanda is a very powerful, strong willed character, which ...view middle of the document...

Shortly after arriving, Jim read a letter Tom received “Tom: I’m a Member. Jim: [reading] The Union of Merchant Seamen. ” (Williams 1680). In much the same way that Amanda had feared, Tom, like his father, made a rash decision to leave and is so filled with wanderlust that he can’t seem to understand the repercussions of his actions. The story tells us that Tom even spent bill money to pay his membership fee. Though he has taken a few more precautions than his father did Tom still made a very selfish decision, which ended up costing the entire family. Even though he shares the selfish attitude with his father he does differ in that he is considerate toward one member of the family, Laura.

Tom and his father differ greatly when Tom reveals his consideration for his sister by attempting to ensure her future. What we know of Tom’s father is written very early in the play, “This is our father who left us a long time ago … Skipped the light fantastic out of town” (Williams 1654). The father left the family in pursuit of his own passions. There’s a good chance that the mother’s overbearing attitude could have caused him to leave or at least provoked the move. Tom, on the other hand, when asked to put his escape on hold until he finds a...

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